By Full-Metal Rebel


I'm the master from the rugged pit of disaster
50. Calibur blaster, leavin' a bloody massacre
Rapper dispatchin' with a champion stature,
Low and behold, I capture precious flows like pieces of gold
Vanquishin' foes with raging blows
Jakin' bitch niggaz for they shoes and clothes
Consuming your soul, 'coz all my life I've been living inside a clone
I'm seeing shadows on the road when I'm riding alone
The Notorious Morbius, flippin' forbidden scriptures
of the Kabbalah, envisioning pictures of glorious Allah
I'ma sleepwalker stalking the subconscious of the demonic
To keep the journey exciting, I get enlightened by
writting poetry full of hyphens, dividing the pious from the unrighteous
You niggaz catchin' jealousy woes 'coz I'm on the rise
I advise you open ya eyez before you die
While you steady biting rhymes more viscious than Lycans,
I'll toss you in the middle of the blizzard where it'z thunder and lightining
The Repititious Wizard conquering planets like alien lizards
Rockstar Mentality, harboring artistry sharper than siccors

I'ma renegade, mark the interphase
Neva been afraid, I'm ready to die
Hear my battle cry defy the rules that apply
I time fly through smoke and shattered mirriors
Deliver quicker blisters than fissures
Sending you punk niggaz to Hell, darkness unveiled
2012 I'm makin my second appearance, smokin' chronic
while I'm passing you by riding the comet of Nostradamus
My sonnets will twist ya soul into a dark hole, satanic patrol
Hello, mellow cellos echo vertigo, paying homage to the Solar fellow creators
The all-embracing, galactic invador, my evasive behavior's
colder than cryogenically frozen refrigerators
Got dat regulator desentegratah for the haters
to make'em fall upon to they knees, begging pleads
Black-hooded, Nike-footed ninjas secede, shadows warriors retreat!!

This iz a "A" and "B" cypher so "C" yo' way out
Before "D" jumps over my nigga "E" and "F"s you up like a "G"
Now look at me, I went from servant of Heaven to king of Hell
Penatrated a jezebel, laying naked where Lucifer dwells
The seepage swells an infandile, destructive corrupted
soul stuck in the shell of former self, release yo' delve
Ya style smells foul while my nouns astound the Temple's mound
and shakes the ground, even makin' Jesus raise a pallid brow
Heir to the crown, Heaven bound, I'm high above the clouds raining down
Surround you with mizery sensory sounds that amount
as the killa beez swarm around fomulating cumulus shrouds of clout
Hidden wizdom rejuvenation ending the drought
Still I rise, manifested from the confines of the pharcyde
My legacy phrophecied since the time man fabricated from ancient sands
Standing tall from his primordial slime, rivived the minister
more sinister than pentagrams, the world twirls in my hands
I administer commands to exectute my ruthless plans
by killing off the human nuicanse descendant from Son of Sam
Derivation of Satan, opposing the damned
with inclement rebel shit revelations
The gift of knowledge extends the fringe, unintelligence iz irrelevant
My pen iz more eloquent than any weapon in comparision
Got women smitten with what I've written
Gettin' yo blood rushin down ya legs,
causing concussions to ya head,
leaving treads when I push ya buttons
Gushin' luscious wet like like broken levi beds
Infested pussy leakage in G-strings
I hit the hooker heavy with a steady swing
to knock her eddy out clean, wha'chu mean?
You can't fucc with Freddy Fossil & my Regime
Raider of dreams, our style iz mean, sick, and malicious
I traded my set of horns for fallen angel wings
Serving up incursive verses obscene, my delivery iz delicious


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Copyright 2011 Full-Metal Rebel
Published on Saturday, April 16, 2011.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Renegade"

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  • soul_versing On Tuesday, January 7, 2014, soul_versing (1098)By person wrote:

    You're stuck in my head, Reb. Damn this is badass! Beyond hardcore, untouchable. Now that's hot! Bows & kisses- Scholar

  • Full-Metal Rebel On Friday, January 10, 2014, Full-Metal Rebel (26)By person wrote:

    glad you liked this, lmao shit is soo old and dusty. it makes me laugh when i read it now.

  • soul_versing On Friday, January 10, 2014, soul_versing (1098)By person wrote:

    Maybe so... Still badass though. Haha! Scholar

  • HeadpatSlut On Wednesday, May 8, 2013, HeadpatSlut (307)By person wrote:

    I can't wait to hear this one recorded, even better than Perfekt storm, I love the intense rhythm of this piece Rebel, thanks for posting. Scholar

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