Urgent..RANT...FDA don't fuck with my vice!

By Aunty Depressant

I think I need to join a chocoholics pride movement...or start one!

This docket at FDA will likely affect other food products as well, and I am continually meeting more and more people with food sensitivities, allergies, or concerns.

So I kind of blew my chances at a career at the FDA as I sent this comment to them:

Not disclosing to consumers information regarding food ingredients and their substitutes, and/or imitation ingredients is quite potentially dangerous, unethical, and just a plain unsavory business practice. Give consumers an educated choice in their buying decisions. The labeling practices need more explicit and accurate labels as it is already. Do not dilute the truth. There are many people with food allergies and sensitivities. Not allowing them to know would endanger them. Allowing companies to put cheaper, more available ingredients will only compromise the quality of products.If you mess up my chocolate, may the masses of those that consume quality chocolate rise up against you, particularly whilst PMSing!

A friend sent this to me, stating that a decision will be made on the 25th.
So if you want to know what you are putting in your mouth(though I know many here do not care....such as sucking one's own man boobs ;P) This has link to FDA, with really crappy instructions on what the page WILL look like when you click to the link.



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Published on Saturday, April 21, 2007.     Filed under: "Rant"
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Comments on "Urgent..RANT...FDA don't fuck with my vice!"

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  • A former member wrote: dude if u go on strike im right beside you..shit they dont want or need to fuck with us while PMSing or craving..fuck them..lets kill em all!

  • asphyxia On Sunday, April 29, 2007, asphyxia (57)By person wrote:

    This makes me giggle. Lots. Thank you for the nice welcome! I love your name! It's very cute.

  • Mistress Shadow On Sunday, April 22, 2007, Mistress Shadow (254)By person wrote:

    I agree with Sharon, make it yourself. Personally chocolate doesn't do it for me. Ice cream on the other hand is my drug of choice. ~T

  • LOKI On Sunday, April 22, 2007, LOKI (148)By person wrote:

    Hell yea.Dont fuck with the chocolate.I agree.I love chocolate its my favorite food:).Cool rant Aunty I liked

  • Step_20 On Sunday, April 22, 2007, Step_20 (25)By person wrote:

    you know, antibiotics cause a lot of the food allergies you speek of...not enough time to explain, but i totally agree with knowing what is in my grub...bravo

  • A former member wrote: oh yes....the FDA is on my naughty list.

  • A former member wrote: dude..make it yourself..it's cheaper and tastes better...seriously, I don't know whether to applaud or laugh my ass off at the inanity of it all...there's actually legislation on what's appropriate ingredients for chocolate? you're f-in kidding me....

  • Army Barbie On Saturday, April 21, 2007, Army Barbie (324)By person wrote:

    Hahahahaha ah you gave me a giggle. That was nice of you. Serious subject though. When a girl is PMSing you don't fuck with her chocolate.

  • carlosjackal On Sunday, April 22, 2007, carlosjackal (2297)By person wrote:

    Exactly! A girl does not want cock holes in her vice!

  • Aunty Depressant On Sunday, April 22, 2007, Aunty Depressant (438)By person wrote:

    Hehe...does a keigel at the twisted carl comment.

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