To Comprehend Pain

By GothicBlack

I just gotta
Thank all of you
For bringing the world
Down on its knees
Right in front of me
I must be thankful
For what you've done
I gotta be glad
For the pain
That you've brought
For you showed me something
I never really felt before
Not to its fullest
That the world is cruel
And you try to apologize
But I really must say
I'm thankful for this pain
For it's done something
Inside of me
That nothing else
Could have cause
You've brought out
The monster inside of me
You're the cause of this reaction
And now the world
Is on its knees
In front of me
Bagging and pleading
For it's life
I've become it's destroyer
It's punisher
For your crimes
Because of YOU
This world will burn
And writhe in sorrow
I'm truly glad
You found a way
To brake me
Destroy me
And my morals
The insignificant things
That have been
Pounded in my head
Since i was an infant
You have taught me
To disregard everything
That ever mattered to me
That nothing matters but myself
And my twisted, sadistic happiness
I'm bringing the world to it's knees
And enjoying every agonizing minute of it
Thank You for the pain you've cause
For I’m finally able to stop caring

Now I have no future, nor a past
I live for the moment
And at this very moment
I feel like
Whipping the world
Of the human race
And our damned emotions
(We'd all be better off, without ourselves)
For the sorrows we cause each other
For the way we destroy the earth
The intensity of pain
Is just too much
We're all better off dead
I see that now
Because of you
Thank you

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© 2006 GothicBlack
Published on Friday, January 6, 2006.     Filed under: "Depressed" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "To Comprehend Pain"

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  • weyvern On Saturday, February 25, 2006, weyvern (80)By person wrote:

    I used to long for that detatchment myself to be honest good write and thankyou for the comment xx

  • A former member wrote: I wish I could be thankful for pure apathy...I soooo long for numbness; I guess I just need more pain. Thanks for the hope, thank you

  • A former member wrote: gee....whiz? to express appreciation of the world's misfortunes.... wow... thanks for the perspective.

  • Kitty_LostInHerOwnMind On Friday, January 6, 2006, Kitty_LostInHerOwnMind (7)By person wrote:

    I love how its thanking people for something like pain. Yes, it does seem like all people do is hurt eachother, but look at the other side. I know without my friends, I'd be dead. I like the view of this piece. Very powerful. Kitty

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