Forgive me

By Mistress Morbid

I wish I could be here today
to feel the sun's warmth upon my face
and to feel the cool breeze
gently gliding through my hair
the butterflies flutter past
chasing each other

Was I wrong to let you go?

You wanted your freedom
You said you wanted to feel
what it was like to spread your wings
and fly through the world
with no strings attached

I let you fly free
choose freedom over me
leave me to my bitter misery

Please leave me be
and let me just bleed


b l e e d

b . l . e . e . d
my sorrows away

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Copyright 2004 Mistress Morbid
Published on Monday, August 30, 2004.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Forgive me"

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  • 13sonsofgod On Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 13sonsofgod (777)By person wrote:

    Well spoken my lady, for you have learned that holding on, is letting go, just know, thou has wings also butterfly ! Awesome write !

  • Dayer On Thursday, September 9, 2004, Dayer (165)By person wrote:

    extremely sad & painful but a masterpiece at the same time

  • A former member wrote: again, you paint a beautiful image in my mind. i really have no words to do anything you write justice. but you are beautiful. nice work.

  • sixsixnine On Thursday, September 2, 2004, sixsixnine (486)By person wrote:

    very nice.. i like how this feels .. just let the blood spill.. *669*

  • Solace On Wednesday, September 1, 2004, Solace (1081)By person wrote:

    This is conflicting...Very conflicting...Both views are pain causing...I dont know...

  • DarkWolf On Wednesday, September 1, 2004, DarkWolf (420)By person wrote:

    Such a sorrowfull end. Such a beautiful work. -Michael

  • Anth On Tuesday, August 31, 2004, Anth (1141)By person wrote:

    so saddening,and powerfully written, an incredible work

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