My Gemini

By aXe FactoR

We came out to this world from the same blooded womb
Time freezes in space, as we crossed it in a heartbeat
I remember vaguely seeing mum weeping
Tears of joy? Or maybe even tears of frustrations
The clock bleeds time as fast as the river flows
In last few years, we were trying to outgrow each other
“Your hips are wider…haha…” you said
“Nah…never mind, my breasts are bigger…” I teased back

Junior high, our golden years
I was the top girl
U were the top slut
I laid with books in the day
U laid with boys in the night
We weren’t that close anymore
Our goals were so near yet so far
I reminisced the good old times we shared
But you seem so distant now
Mum also seemed so far away...

Dad was the only one concerned
Fed you with some pills though you weren’t sick
Perhaps maybe you are, but he didn’t tell me
Gave me some pills also, but I didn’t know why
I wasn’t sick, but I did as he told anyway
From the corner of my eye, I could see mum cry
My heart breaks each time she teared.
The popping of pills continued for the longest time
We still led our own lifestyles throughout our ordeal

One day I took home my recent test paper,
I stared hard at it for some time
It said: 95/100… Katie, well done!
Just then, your mobile beeps, you weren’t in the room
I crept sneakily towards it, holding it, reading the message.
It said: you go Katie! Last night u were great in bed!
I sank down in tears when I saw that.
So that was the reason that mum was crying all this while
Perhaps the pills really did help…I felt more & more clear-headed everyday.
But never mind! Night is coming anyway!
The sun starts to set, turning the sky gloomy
I walked towards the mirror and stared at my reflection
Then I saw you looking back at me from the mirror
Dressed in the skimpiest clothing, I’ll never dare to wear
Showing me your thickly made-up vampish face
Seemingly ready to party the night away
U winked at me, giving a seductive smile
Until then I know the reason why…
All along U were my Gemini…

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Copyright 2004 Psuedo_Me
Published on Wednesday, April 28, 2004.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "My Gemini"

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  • A former member wrote: I love how to scene changes, Thats good, Alot of Talent .ds

  • Blood of Winter On Thursday, June 3, 2004, Blood of Winter (300)By person wrote:

    immersive story telling, I love the twisted ending...

  • Angel With The Scabbed Wings On Friday, May 28, 2004, Angel With The Scabbed Wings (40)By person wrote:

    beautiful write, so close yet soo soo far apart.

  • A former member wrote: Wow...the ending is extraordinary chilling...Supper! Cool! Awsome...crap can't find the right words! just wow... Opera Ghost

  • Guttercat On Wednesday, April 28, 2004, Guttercat (30)By person wrote:

    Aw man... Totally fcuking awesome!!! A twist in a tale, no doubt... Though the title shoulda given me some warning. ;p

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