An unusual friend.....

By Methos

Looking back to when we first met
i remember seeing you outside
looking in upon me..
i stared at you in contemplation
for given the chance you surely
would take my blood..
It was in your nature now i see
my little friend with tiny wings
my mosquito..
Time and time again i'd watch you
buzzing around and trying to enter
the glass barring your way..
and we developed in these times
i became fond of your presence
day after day..
I was always amazed that you
never left to pursue other things
it was fate i guess..
then one morning when i woke,
i looked out and saw your
little carcass..
laying still and cold
i felt a little depressed
my little one..
though your presence is gone
i still think to the lesson
i learned from you..
for you spent your entire life
chasing a dream you could
not achieve..

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Copyright 2004 Methos
Published on Saturday, January 10, 2004.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "An unusual friend....."

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  • A former member wrote: Wow! Great job. I hate mosquitoes yet I wanted to let it in. Come, feed!

  • Reverend Machine On Thursday, March 11, 2004, Reverend Machine (62)By person wrote:

    Nice indeed, how i felt for your friend, chasing is all we have sometimes, as a means to pass time till death...-DG

  • WinterGrave On Wednesday, February 18, 2004, WinterGrave (271)By person wrote:

    Mosquitos try to eat me but i hunt them down with a lighter and hairspray...entertaining read i must say.~~~Grave

  • unusual_blood On Thursday, February 5, 2004, unusual_blood (83)By person wrote:

    write it ... this poem does alot, stirs up feelings and thoughts. only you ...

  • unusual_blood On Thursday, February 5, 2004, unusual_blood (83)By person wrote:

    My dearest Arik, like tim said, only you could do this. only you. not only is it a great poem that garentees a lil laugh at the end, it makes you think about what, as jaded wings said, could have inspired you to

  • Anarkisst On Saturday, January 31, 2004, Anarkisst (8)By person wrote:

    This is excellent Methos. Probably my favorite by you. Wonderful words, perfectly placed.

  • Dancing_Monkey On Thursday, January 29, 2004, Dancing_Monkey (1288)By person wrote:

    laying still and cold i felt a little depressed my little one.. that was awsome.. but you know it's your fault that it died without it's dream becomming reality.. you had a feelng of power im sure. damn mosquito killer.. *raises a fist* :o)

  • Spiritus_Frumenti On Monday, January 19, 2004, Spiritus_Frumenti (343)By person wrote:

    lol...this has cheered me up..which is achieving a lot...very good..-l-

  • Seraphic On Wednesday, January 14, 2004, Seraphic (237)By person wrote:

    I am at a cross between smiling and tearing's different I'll give you that, I really liked it *~seraph~*

  • OLd SouL On Sunday, January 11, 2004, OLd SouL (781)By person wrote:

    I hate mosquitos. They are the size of small dogs here... They carry little children away. I will smack everyone I see. :) Great write. haha :::OLd

  • purr_verse On Sunday, January 11, 2004, purr_verse (1038)By person wrote:

    You actually manage to evoke a sense of pity in me for a mosquito... I didn't think that was possible. :) Must be a great poem!! purr

  • Jaded Jezzabelle On Saturday, January 10, 2004, Jaded Jezzabelle (332)By person wrote:

    I can't help but wonderwhat inspired this....WoW...I am at a loss for words...sigh...

  • A former member wrote: awesome. dude..its a mosquito..haha..thats great._-=Evil=-_

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