By Godot


i'm looking at the boundaries
(the ones we never crossed)
and introspective inquiries
examining the cost
reveal to me, presumably
there's really no love lost

no love made
no love lost
nothing strained
no love made
nothing ventured
nothing gained

yes, both of us have just a bit of hypocrite inside
both of us are sometimes known to let our weakness guide
and both of us sure like to get our two bits on the side

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Published on Saturday, September 7, 2002.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Equilibrium"

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  • Sin On Wednesday, May 4, 2005, Sin (1179)By person wrote:

    ..wow..damn that was pure poetic genius

  • Audrey_Star On Thursday, July 31, 2003, Audrey_Star (26)By person wrote:

    I'm not a big fan of rhyme...but I gotta tell ya, this one just does it for me.

  • A former member wrote: This is pure drama spun from the dust of dreamscape expressionistic minimalism, cut and scratched w/ the blades of existentialism...beautiful allegories. This is a splendid read; an introspective slide out from the subconcious vs. the concious.

  • A former member wrote: wow you are a very talented poet, i love this

  • Jonas On Wednesday, March 12, 2003, Jonas (767)By person wrote:

    you know those days when you just KNOW that if you spent that buck you'd win the lotto.

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