The worst prison on earth

By Adamlee808

I stand here in the kitchen, stuck staring at your shadow, the ghostly outline of where you sat, feeling recharged I begin to breath I remember the smell of your hair, your gentle touch, but most memorable your heart the "apple in my eyes" the ultimate temptation, one that screams sweetly and silently this is real, I was trapped for years in my own prison and you just set me free, i owe you my life, as for my fate was destined for far worse than death, I've lived with demons that scare people, I'm a lost soul desperate for love, living while loving someone who doesnt love you back it erodes time and space, altering the reality at which you live, I believe its insanity, I have only truly loved two women, neither love me like I do them, it's like I've died twice over rotting my mind away to nothing as I sit in empty rooms with nothing but my thoughts and words, it's like my broken heart is being torn in a blender, my storm is raging and I can barely hold on, the smile on my face, the shower I took this morning, the meals I eat, their all for you, your the only light shining through into my dark and sad world, until the end of my days I'll cherish the thought of growing old with you, even if it's in the friend zone, just know that you can always come to me, I'll be your friend, I'll be your comforter, I need you by my side, if were too broken to make a whole let's at least be a broken 3/4's? The truth is I'm losing my ambition, my life, my goals, everything, I let it all go, I'm not sure what my future holds, however i do know that i want it to include you, i need you to promise you will never leave me, even as just friends i cant afford the pain or hurt from losing you, in my fantasies i am your provider, your stability, your embrace, if I could I would live forever in my dreams about you; I'd marry you a thousand times over, our love would grow eternal and immortal, my feelings for you are deeper than anything I've ever felt, like the entire universe answered my desperate and lonely plea, your the sweetest thing I have ever seen, i crave you like a drug, your magnitude pulls me in, theres no escape for me I'm locked in, trying to figure out if this is a dream or nightmare trapped in a prison of my own mind.

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Copyright 2019 Adamlee808
Published on Sunday, September 8, 2019.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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