By Adamlee808

I'd follow you into the fireiry pits of hell just to be with you becuase
I know that with you it would be heaven to me, your grace is supreme and
I stand in awe, amazed that a person like you can exist, like an angel,
my saving grace. I raise my fist in despair to whatever force controls
this universe knowing how you have been mistreated so much, abused and
used by everyone around you. Yes I am in love with you, I know the concept
is beyond even me, however I can put that on hold becuase right here right
now we both need a friend, more than anything someone to just be there
so I want to be that, your friend, if one day you find yourself looking
at me as something other than a brother that door is always open to you,
I'll never turn you away, i aim to dedicate my life to being what you need
so please call me brother consider me whatever you need, I'll be your best
friend, your brother, anything you need. The love I have for you is stronger
than me, its unconditional and so very exceptional. So let's slow dance
in the rain, dont consider it strange I'm your friend, let's chase stars
together, and find nature's beauty, I dont need the romance, i need companionship,
I'm ready for any or no adventures with you. With all that I can muster
I will find a way to be with you by whatever means I have to, we dont need
to kiss, or share a bed, that's not what i love about you nor is it what
makes me happy, your beauty shines in and out but you dont see it, like
your glasses are off and everything is blurry, i wish you could see yourself
through my lens if only for a second you would fall in love with yourself
too, can I help you? I see the guilt in your eyes, the shame in your voice,
I want so badly to help you, I know if you dont love yourself you can never
truly love another, I want you to feel true love, maybe not for me but
I want your heart to flutter the way mine does when I look into your eyes,
I want you to be happy, happier than you ever have, I want you to feel
loved but more importantly i want you to love yourself.

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Copyright 2019 Adamlee808
Published on Sunday, September 8, 2019.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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