Just Think Rain

By Digital Dart

Shadows fall as I walk,
Footfalls caught.
In vision - lost indefinite.

Sidewalk collision.

Eat pavement.
Skip time,
Out of bounds,

Hearts resting,
Arisen from the best thing,
That crossed our path.
Drown me out.

Wrath to be found untrue.
No sound in subliminal twists unto,
What we knew,
If only to lighten the mood.

Back to the blood dripping forehead...
I'm left with lightpoles to lean on,
- walking endless -

You know it ends painlessly,
Endearing euphorics in healing.
You know nothing is more true.

Lost in daze erased in days later.

Opting ever unto that which,
Matches Atlas' posture,
Stature daunting in mere outlines;

Twisted spine ruptured.

Chalk it purple - pink even...
To think the rain,
Washes away...

The cost - lost thinking of - 
The lost - cost sinking love -
The cause; the love chalked...
Sleep. No sleep.


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Copyright 2019 Digital Dart
Published on Tuesday, August 13, 2019.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

1:21 pm
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