Swirling space particles circling a black hole's drain  
Included is a menage of everything, the good, the bad, the crazy, the sane  
The hate swirled in with the love, riding on dark and light  
The particles only know their charge, they don't know wrong from right  
These particles as they travel to planets, that are orbiting stars  
They exist on a plain where as from here to the sun isn't that far  
Time is so irrelevant, it dam near stands still  
And the forces of the universe bends everything to their will  
Anything moving had to have been acted upon  
So we ask ourselves, where did all of this hate come from  
Hatred from a father for a father, transcending generations  
Infecting mother and child, corrupting and destroying nations  
Genghis Khan was a great leader, his rule knew no bounds  
The Roman Empire drafted and recruited, while claiming new ground  
There is something wrong with the flesh, it's hard to satisfy  
Giving them a new toy, does nothing to the reoccurring greed in their eyes  
How much money is to much, how much land is enough  
I have nothing in common with her, but I can't control my lust  
Why has sex become so careless a thing  
Why is it that we break up every time there is a mention of a ring  
The words "I love you" now rides upon neutrally charge particles  
These neutrons represents straddling the fence, afraid when love is the article  
These articles surf the galaxy with questions, like why can't we love each other  
The Daily Post on Jupiter reads "brothers continually killing other brothers"  
The Neptune Tribune  reported, "women with voices refuse to say"  
Why are children of different races are being told not to play  
Why are they being aligned with the same old negatively charged minds  
The ones that are surfing the galaxy for what they will never find  
The peace sought through more or war, or through love of more war  
The Roman Empire like Genghis Khan never found what they were looking for  
While pillaging and burning, positive particles were being destroyed  
Hate was marrying hate, and being bred into every girl and boy     

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Published on Saturday, August 10, 2019.     Filed under: "Philosophical" and "Poetry"
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  • dwells On Monday, August 12, 2019, dwells (5719)By person wrote:

    A thoughtful tome given a universal twist to tweak the hearts and minds of all thinking creatures; but alas my friend and sadly, it is who we are. Cheers! - Dan

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