Ordo Ab Chao & the Pseudo-Gnostic "Terrorist"

By Sorrowful Jester

Today is Monday; today is NOT my birthday (I later write that I will not read and / or correct any of what I'm about to write, but I had to return and add this "NOT", because I felt bad, for --accidentally-- misleading so many nice / sweet / kind people, who began wishing me :( My bad. Ooops), but no one knows it --except for you who are reading this--, even I just remembered. So... I rushed to grab my pen, and as I began writing I've realized that what I was writing was a punctuation clutter that could terrorize even the bravest of you --parenthetical commas, serial commas, dashes, em dashes, colons, even semicolons (as if the aforementioned ones were not enough). "Now what?" was the rhetorical question, that kept "ringing" in my ears. All those were enough to stress me enough to cross my mind that I'd be better off in medically induced coma, to forget about the commas (oh wait, maybe I should delete this hyperbole --oh no, another grammatical problem to solve (hyperboles --here's another one)). You know... I think that I shouldn't have added a period here, but I did; I did it for you (the reader --I want to chew some of the food that I'm about to feed you (to keep you worry free of poisonous food among other things)--, so that you do not get tired easily. I wonder if you've already began wondering what on earth is going on, when am I going to start phrasing my thoughts, and set my rambling aside. I bet that most of you already quit reading, and I do not mind it, nor will I take offense if you stop now. Then why the heck am writing (actually, I never wrote; I type this as I go, and I will not look back; I will just go as thoughts cross my mind, until get to the point of no return... err... I meant to type: where I finally phrase my thoughts (I wanted to type: "write down", but I refrained from doing it (it sounds strange to me, much like a forlorn place)). You may ask yourselves "where is he going with this (I will not blame you, since I've already asked myself that same question (I just used a different pronoun --to be accurate)", so... do not worry your pretty little heads, for I will not scold you. Well, this can go on forever, and I would not mind continuing; to be honest I will, but inside my head, while doing other things at the same time, like I usually do. Even I am having a hard time at keeping up with my punctuation, and my racing thoughts. So... once again: what is this? Well... I wanted to get something off of my chest, but I had a change of mind (actually, it's not exactly that; it's more that I'm doing what I wanted to do, in a much different way), and once again you may ask yourselves: "what was it?" (no this time I didn't ask the --almost-- same question to myself, because I did it a while ago while I was typing). Let's end it together --with the few of you, who keep reading this-- (I keep wondering if a parenthesis would be better here (actually: "before here", but you catch my drift, don't you?) here (I can bet that this last punctuation mess has you wondering: where did that word (here) come from? --well this was a bit messy). Now you know, how many of us think. Thoughts racing so fast, that there's no language on earth to help me (I find it strange how people whose native language is English, cannot use the pronouns: "I" / "me" correctly) put my words on text fast enough to catch even 1% of them; maybe we should develop a mathematical language (actually there are a couple, but people don't know how to read them), in order to become able to phrase thoughts faster. I don't mind it though, it's just that almost no one will bother reading / listening to all of what I have to say, thinking it's too chaotic, yet.. I somehow, manage to find order from chaos (oh... I have a better idea; let's call this: chaos induced order (by the way, did you know that many lakes are not products of stagnation; that they are a product of --almost-- two forces of opposite direction, yet of the same magnitude? (I think that I may be a "lake" (wow, that's not deep :P --pseudo-sophisticated)) ;) I am sorry; I'm stopping typing. Enjoy the rest of your day / night :)

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Copyright 2019 Sorrowful Jester
Published on Wednesday, July 10, 2019.     Filed under: "Reflective" and "Rant"
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  • Digital Dart On Saturday, July 13, 2019, Digital Dart (71)By person wrote:

    An ornately & uniquely driven focus. Seeing through your eyes in a way, maybe... Epic write.

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