Between Sun and Moon

By RaheemaFKM

Between the sun and the moon, which alone do I love?
Which alone do I throw away, or have the ability to replace?
Could I live without the heat enflaming my soul?
Could I breathe without the warmth to thaw my lungs?
Could I feel without the passion to shake my heart?
Could I see without the sun brightening my world?
Between the moon and the sun, which alone do I love?
Which alone do I ignore, or have the ability to cast aside?
In the depths of the night, beyond the reach of the day
Does not the moon call to me, and illuminate my way?
In the midst of the cold and distant stars, does not the moon shine closest within my reach?
Does not the moon have the gentlest light, and remain a sweet refuge for soothing my sight?
Between sun and moon, how then can I choose…
To hold one so dear, and the other—refuse?

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Copyright 2019 RaheemaFKM
Published on Tuesday, June 11, 2019.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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