Questions, Questions

By RaheemaFKM

Why is it so hard to love, and easy to betray?
Why is it we think so much, yet nothing will we say?
Why do we remember dreams only in the night, and then forget to even hope when awakened to the light?
Why is it good things end and moments never last?
Why do bad things still remain when injuries have passed?
Why do we ignore the truth and believe in every lie?
Why do we refuse to live yet wish to never die?
Questions, questions, plague our tongues, while answers do evade
Questions, questions, fill our mouths, and through our hearts pervade
Why is it we move so fast, yet learn so very slow?
Why is it we never trust, but think we always know?
Why is there a reason not to move and not to try?
Why do we refuse to smile, but never want to cry?
Questions, questions, burn our tongues, while answers can’t be found
Questions, questions, weigh our hearts, and from our lips abound

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Copyright 2019 RaheemaFKM
Published on Tuesday, June 11, 2019.     Filed under: "Reflective" and "Poetry"
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