Putting it all Together

By RaheemaFKM

A heart fell from my hands, and I couldn’t catch it before it broke
I tried to pick it up again, but it burnt my fingers
And the pieces of it smoldered like red coals
In the end, I gave up and left it in the ashes
I shut my eyes to its despair and ran far away
Like a coward I left it there behind me, beyond me
Like a coward I carried on empty handed
When last I returned in search of it, that wretched old burnt heart, I found its fragments widely scattered and stomped into the dust
So thoroughly it had been crushed in my abandon, that the pieces had grown cold as rock and no longer burned at all
They were heavily damaged, but easy to gather up again
Mere corpses of their former self
At last, I held the broken heart in my hands, and exiled the guilt from my weary shoulders
At last, this heart could begin to heal
At last, I’d returned to take back myself

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Copyright 2019 RaheemaFKM
Published on Tuesday, June 11, 2019.     Filed under: "Reflective" and "Poetry"
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