Brushes With Love


We were like two tumbleweeds tumbling down a lonely street 
Interlocked in a waltz, the wind providing the beat 
We would separate on the high notes only to interlock again 
Our every decision is being controlled by the wind 
Watched from afar by a hobo in the back of a boxcar 
He's watching a dance billed as the greatest of lover's spar 
The way that we come together on a low note 
Interlocked, the wind holds us in the air, as we spin and floats 
But as we rolled along bouncing off of each other's words 
Even when we were separated, the music still could be heard 
There was that magnetic force built into the music that always returned you to me 
That was until I missed a step and suddenly went off key 
Lifted into the air, torn apart as we spun 
The music had changed telling the Hobo that the drama had begun 
The music became dark with each tumbleweed on their side of the street 
You were leaving bits of you, and I was leaving bits of me 
The Hobo was sadden, but he was curious about the finale 
Would we rendezvous at a desert oasis or the darkness of an alley  
Maybe we would bounce off of the horse's hitches and store fronts 
Going our separate ways in search of separate wants 
Would I regain that step returning the magnetism to our music    
Could this waltz be eternal simply by me agreeing not to abuse it 
On our ways across the plains, I change steps entering your lane 
While waltzing on the shores of an oasis, we took root in our very first rain  

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Copyright 2019 I IS ME
Published on Saturday, June 8, 2019.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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