Hollow Weight

By coagulatewithin

pondering my life's mistakes 
the choices bad I may have made
based solely on the fact one day 
that love will surely float my way
ignorant to stay this way 
ever stagnant in the daily race
no rush to rectify the space 
vacated by another face
belonging to the darkness, waste 
is what I have now grown to taste
so much time I've thrown away 
over the shoulder gone astray
forever now to wallow safe 
in the comfort of my great escape
walls built tall without a gate 
no entrance into my domain
in solitude I now shall wait 
til love once more decides to break
this fortress I've constructed, great
hidden away from my own fate
never again to recreate 
since everything once felt erased
for I cannot bear to live this way 
to suffer more from such foul pain
just emptiness to follow me 
no heart within just hollow weight

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Copyright 2019 coagulatewithin
Published on Sunday, February 10, 2019.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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