Everything I Needed

By Sorrowful Jester

"Everything I Needed"

One night I told you that I want to fly all over the world
You took a blank sheet of paper and drew a pair of wings
And told me here are your wings draw whatever else you want
Just do not leave me alone, because I'm blank without you
And I stayed here, and a drew a world for you
And I stayed here and drew a sun to scare the dark lines from that sheet of paper you gave me
One night you told that I must have been born for you
I hugged you tight and realized that I didn't need to fly
I saw the whole beauty of the world inside your enchanted eyes
One night you told me that could not live without myself beside you
And I never spoke again, 'cause I had you in my arms which was more than the universe
So decided to stay here
Inside your hug

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Copyright 2019 Sorrowful Jester
Published on Saturday, May 25, 2019.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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