The devil speaks

By Abdul4814

The devil speaks

Oh how I love when you numb your pain;
By pushing that needle deep through your
Allowing my demons to take control;
Over your mind, body, and soul.
I have so many goals;
One is to take in all lost souls.
well here's a young lad who has lost all hope,
I wait here patiently as he tightens the rope.
Oh no time for second thoughts;
I have no time to spare;
Where are my manners..
let me help you pull out your chair.

Syringe in arm..looks like she's ready
To go..
oh dear thats way too much
Its not like I didn't know.

I stand here watching her foam at the mouth, her eyes roll back in her head;
Gasping for her very last breath,
Yup..I think she's dead.

Oh how I enjoy this, isn't this fun
my morning work has just begun.

You are the round in the chamber
Of my sick and twisted game of roulette
Cock back, pull the trigger
You haven't seen anything yet!!

I am the drug epidemic
That has plagued your nation;
I'm glad you don't pray or ask for salvation.
I have sent my reaper with his sickle to slaughter;
I am coming for you, your sons and
I am stirring up conflict, by the masses;
I have named some elephants;
and the others asses
I have stirred up tensions among the human races,
I commend the cowards
Who cover their faces
I bet you didn't know I had so much power,
I send kids to shoot up schools, and planes through towers.
I have suicide bombers,
And terrorists plotting..
To take down the nation
As its core is rotting

I'm a perfectionist...when it comes to these tasks,
This is my work,
If anyone asks.
I'm happy its legal for babies to be ripped from the womb of their mother;
I can make young girls
Put their babies in the trash After they are smothered.
I train parents to abuse and neglect ;
some CPS workers I hand select.
My work on earth will NEVER be done:
Not sure why God sacrificed his only son.
I'm not worried, that's neither here nor there;
Most of you don't even care

I never understood why you were given
Free will
It makes my job so much easier
I just love the thrill!
You can't fathom all my joy;
When I hear about priests
Fondling girls and boys.
Lets not forget the pastors
Who have gotten so
You've paid for their gucci and private jets,
What happened to the poor and the needy?
While you wait to arrive to the land of milk and honey;
I give them sex, drugs, and lots of money.

Please..keep arguing about Allah, God, Buddah Whomever..I insist..
I can assure you that at least I do exist.
I was the first angel cast down from the sky;
Did I mention that I'm beautiful.
That I can't deny.
I'm a liar, sneaky,
I cause destruction, mayhem, and pain.
I can cause normal people
To go completely insane.
Oh I love to brag and boast
I raise my glass,to the Father, son, and holy Ghost.
Yes, raise your glass
Have some drinks
And get behind the wheel,
What are you waiting for you have a family to kill!
Oh how I love you all
Who do my dirty deeds
Put yourself last to take care all my needs.
A shout out to my gang members
From Chicago to LA
Outstanding job
You exceeded your quota today!

clean water
homeless,living in feces
Oh I admire the
human species.
Corrupt government officials
Getting rich off your tax dollar
Their bank accounts keep growing
Yours are getting smaller.
innocent victims falsely accused
Sitting in jail for things they didn't do.
While I send those to do my heinous crimes..
And I make sure they don't do time.
Kids, keep disrespecting your
I want you to drop out of school,
You don't need experience
For what I will have you do.
I will teach you how to lie, steal and fight, and even kill
You will be my expert
in your new field
Lets start now
I"'ll wait..fill your needle or your pipe
You will have no conscience
If your really high
Your time is ending soon
So tell your family goodbye.
Stop being so weak
Today is your day to die

I want the world to continue turning away from God
I will comfort you
I don't need a staff or rod
Oh I commend you all
You are doing so well
I have put out my "welcome" mat for you
At my lovely front gates Of hell!!

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Copyright 2019 Abdul4814
Published on Monday, May 20, 2019.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "The devil speaks"

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  • 13sonsofgod On Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 13sonsofgod (777)By person wrote:

    Lucifer, the bright and morning star does thy truly tempt the minds this far ? For this I know to be the truth, our choices made, reflect on you ! Good write, awesome layout !

  • amelia11 On Monday, May 27, 2019, amelia11 (45)By person wrote:

    This post was administratively removed by Drea

  • RaheemaFKM On Tuesday, May 21, 2019, RaheemaFKM (151)By person wrote:

    The Devil Speaks...and we listen. I'm not sure much else needs to be said on the matter. You've got it all down to a magnificently characterized tee. Thanks for sharing. I did enjoy this.

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