Better Yet ~

By Digital Dart

A work inspired by Dead Inside

How dare you speak to me of pain?
Hold this candle to violet, nightmarish flames.
My apathy unfolds in moments.
Molding wax unto her kingdoms and their reigns.

Yes, love was spoken into ashes,
The patterns followed; preordained.
I think I'll carve this into jasper.
Better yet, let's call it jade; Dead.
Dead inside since the last time I tried.
Heavy lies a dark heart's descent through time.
Parting ways; the only means to peace of mind.

Stones set, carved of jasper; facets divine.

How dare she slip and say it's 'fading'?
Seconds wasted chasing years, though it would seem.
Silver tongue to golden soul,
Amalgamation reaching only dreams.

Yes, love, we've spoken of the ashes,
The ones before, your dying breed.
Impart sweet wisdom of disaster.
Better yet, let's call it jade.d
Dead inside since the last time I tried.
A distant kiss cascading through time.
Impart your transitions; my only means to survive.

Stones set now, carved of jade; facets divide.

Goddess, could you pardon please?
Apologies stitched, yet bursting at the seams.
Gloomy the nights that luminesce,
A moonlit pathway's forks, choose carefully.

Yes, love, I know just what you're asking.
No need arisen to erase.
Through the ages everlasting.
Better yet, just never call it faded.
Dead inside since the last time I tried.
Benevolance harbored by the divide,
Of two worlds worthy, we'd say, of colliding.

Stones left out; desperately fading.
In fate defy.
3\> _^______________________

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Copyright 2019 Joe Y-lee
Published on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.     Filed under: "Depressed" and "Lyrics"

Author's Note:

~ A Distant Kiss v2
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