Baby it's alright, alright 
Haha Lil Momma let me tell you what I wanna do to you 
I wanna get into you, because it's alright, alright 
There's just a few things in life that I don't ever want to forget 
And that's you Baby Girl on the first night that we met 
Club packed wall to wall and from floor to ceiling 
But you're the only thing in this whole fucking mix that I'm feeling 
Sucking your drink through a straw while staring at me with those saucer shaped eyes 
It seems your looks and words are moving to the music and I was mesmerize 
Baby Girl, you just don't know that it's alright, alright 
Just for a minute please allow me to show that it's alright 
I was jonesing like a feen watching you glide across the floor 
The yearning lifted me up to the heavens looking down below 
The club became a volcano with you, Creation, in the middle 
The Nile raging and running wild, the eternal riddle 
The swerve of your hips is like wind storms on Neptune 
I lean a little closer to you by descending to the moon 
The smell of you is like a summer breeze warring with Magnolia trees 
I had bathe in the fluidity of your motion, now I'm drying off in this breeze 
You lick your lips, yes I know it was just a tease 
Uncrossing your legs at the ankles and recrossing at the knees 
You have absolutely no idea what you did allowing so simple a sight 
I tumble from my pedestal, heart and mind both determined to fight 
But it was alright, alright 
Haha, Lil Momma let me tell you what I wanna do to you 
I wanna get into you, because it's alright, alright  
I want to lift you up and fly you away with me 
Tonight Baby Girl, for us, represents eternity 
Yes I want to heat Mars up with our intensity 
Haha tonight Baby Girl we will share the same destiny 
And it was alright, as the red planet started to glow 
Yes we decided to have eternity in tonight, but let's do it slow 
Yes it was alright as the polar caps started to melt 
As an atmosphere was formed and our lovemaking made the clouds wept 
Saturated in sweat, entwined upon my bed 
For us everything that mattered was all in my bed 
But it was alright, alright 
Lil Momma please say it just once, "that it's alright, alright"    

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Copyright 2019 I IS ME
Published on Sunday, May 12, 2019.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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