Razor Wire Treatment

By Commander_Cadaver

I sit in the dimly lit room,
Listening to her blood slowly
Drip onto the tiled floor.
A slow, dull pat as the drops
Of blood fall into the pool beneath
I look up and watch her swing
From the meat hook slipped
Behind the bridge of her nose.
Her cries are quiet now, once
Loud and echoing off of these
Walls until she realised that no one
Will come and save her.
The slow swinging is hypnotic
In a sense.
Her body moving in rythm
Ofher blood pattering.
I stand up from my chair and walk
Over to my table, running a hand
Over my tools but my eyes on her
Blood stained, pale flesh, bare
For my eyes only.
Her whimpers bring my attention b
Back to the task
At hand, looking over at the table
And sighing.
What to use, what to use?
The knife that stabbed hundreds?
The scalpel that surgically desecrated many?
The blood stained hammer covered
In brain matter?
My hand stops on a new tool.
Well, more of a decoration
Than a tool but it will do.
I smile as I slip on some gloves
And pick up a small roll
Of razor wire, the dim lights glistening
Off of the reflective silver blades.
Oh this will be a new one, this will be
I loop the wire like a belt
And whip my victim across the back,
Her cries once again loud and echoing.
Her flesh rips and tears as the wire whips
Her across her back.
She reaches up and grabs the chain
That holds the meat hook.
She tries to unhook herself but to no avail.
I walk around her, stopping in front of her
And smile as she struggles.
Fresh tears running down her cheeks.
Why have I not used this before?
Such a fine tool.
I whip her across the abdomen, some
Of the blades sticking into her somewhat
Chubby stomach,
Tearing even deeper into her flesh.
I pull hard and the wire
Pulls free, blood spurting from her wounds
As her heart pounds in fear.
I whip her again nnd look at her wounds,
Taking a peek into a window of her stomach,
Some of her organs bleeding and oozing
Different liquids.
Acids, feces, muscus,
Pus and blood.
I reach into the largest
Incision and take hold of her large intestine,
Pulling it out of her body, letting it hang
To the floor.
I let go of her intestine
And whip her across her chest,
Her perky, almost perfect breats tear
Open, her nipples hardening.
Must be cold in this room,
Or maybe she is enjoying it.
Either way, she's going to lose them.
She's choking on her blood, the thrill
Is about to end. I need to finish up soon.
I wrap the wire around her neck and grab
Both ends, pulling hard on the wire.
I feel it rip into her neck, slicing right
Through arteries and veins, her trachea
And stops at her spine.
With a rough tug,
I hear bone break but not her spine.
Her body falls down as the meat hook
Breaks through the bridge of her nose.
I step back and laugh as she hits the floor,
Blood from the pool splashing everywhere,
Painting the walls and my clothes.
Her eyes hang from their sockets, looking
Down at her butchered stomach.
Oh what a macabre work of art.
But She's still breathing, still whimpering.
I step up to her and look down at her
Hanging eyes.
I raise my foot up and slam
It down onto her skull, closing my eyes
As the sound of fracturing skull
Resounds off of the walls, her body
Releasing her final breath.
I open my eyes and take my foot off of her head,
Stepping back to admire her broken body.
The razor wire, quite the weapon.
Maybe next time I'll mummify the next one.
Mummified in razor wire, catchy.

Unauthorized Copying Is Prohibited. Ask the author first.
Copyright 2019 Commander_Cadaver
Published on Friday, May 10, 2019.     Filed under: "Horror" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Hey look, more old stuff of mine.
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  • amelia11 On Monday, May 27, 2019, amelia11 (47)By person wrote:

    This post was administratively removed by Drea

  • deathly_poetic On Thursday, May 16, 2019, deathly_poetic (10)By person wrote:

    Wow it really was a story. I felt like wow so melancholic...picturing me as the girl lying on the floor with that nose ring, and thinking about the blade...haha but then it became sick and literally twisted! LOL. The imagery was unimaginable....total puns in my comments. wtf. So who is this girl in your life ? or out of your life? Or is she a metaphor for your own dark soul? What was the inspiration? Just an imagination? just the sick twisted mind? kick ass job my friend

  • Commander_Cadaver On Saturday, May 18, 2019, Commander_Cadaver (247)By person wrote:

    Haha umm, it was based on no one specific. Just someone I made up to make art out of. As for inspiration, just a picture of rolled out razor wire. From there, this was born. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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