To Hell With the Bitch (2010)

By Commander_Cadaver

Her arms above her head

crossed, nailed through her palms

she screams in pain

warm tears run down her face

her eyes shut tight,

she hears movement

she opens her eyes

in time to see a shadow

she whimpers softly

feeling someone breathing

on her exposed neck

her shock increasing

a glint of light catching her eye

she notices the knife

noticing the reflecting blade

seeing blood on it's edge

a cry escapes her throat

for the first time, realizing

a long, deep incision

from her breasts to stomach

the knife lowers to the wound

starting from the tip

it cuts deep into her flesh

sending new waves of pain

she screams once again

as the blade is dragged down

opening another slit of flesh

parallel to the first wound

at the bottom of the incisions

the knife etches two diagonal lines

connecting the lines to a point

slightly above her belly button

the knife is removed from the wound

as a hand reaches down to the point

digging an index finger into her stomach

the hand grabs the point and rips her flesh

waves amongst waves of pain

storm through her body

putting her in a near shock

as her flesh is ripped, torn away

the sound of tearing stops

but the intense pain continues

between her cries, she hears a thud,

the strip of skin hitting the floor

her screams of pain multiply

as she feels more of her flesh

slowly, finely being torn,

torn right off of her butchered body

as the skinning continues

the knife is dipped in her blood

on the floor beside her, in her blood

the knife writes "to Hell with the bitch"

her heart pounds in her ears

her breath ragged and choked

she feels her life slowly depleting

she can hear the screams of Hell

as her whole torso is stripped clean

she hangs her head, closing her eyes

too weak and in shock to do much else

her blood forming a pool on the floor

the knife plunges into her thigh

tearing down to her ankle

a second later more tearing is heard

the shadow ripping off any exposed flesh

from her shoulders down

she is nothing but a bloody mess

no skin to cover her muscles

no skin to hold her blood

the knife rises and plunges,

deep into her abdomen

slicing across to her side

spilling out her organs

as the last of her innards fall

the knife is dropped to the floor

the bitch looks up one last time

to see my eyes staring at her

in her last, final breaths

she realizes what was done

a tear runs down her cheek

as blood pours from her mouth

i tilt my head, taking in her body

i lean forward and whisper:

"no mercy for your treachery,

revenge in the blood of my enemy"

she looks at her innards before her

seeing them in her blood

as she takes her final breath

she realizes her pain just begun

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Copyright 2019 Commander_Cadaver
Published on Friday, May 3, 2019.     Filed under: "Horror" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

The poem that paved the way for many murders. Sorry for the lack of everything grammar related.
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