...Memories never made~The sharpest blade..

By SolApathy


Burdensome are my bones
Cracking under the weight of being alone
Who ever knew empty memories
Could weigh so much more 
Than the full life I was hoping for
Claustrophobia of the emptiness I feel
Insures the wounds of this broken heart won’t ever heal
Steal just for a moment for a mockup  memory 
Serenity of you next to me 
Just as quickly I know this is not to be
Phantom memories never to be made
My own internal diatribe
Echoes the truth of what I never deserved

Smiles never observed
Thoughts of ever being with someone -Absurd
Symptom of my internal strife
Broken the moment I was given life
Knowing in the end there is only one message I can send
No one can show me otherwise under these aged skies
No point in asking the why’s
In a universe where death offers a path to my cure 
Where x-acto knives bleed pure
I sedated the thoughts of you with xanax dreams
--Until they turned into screams of things never seen--
Happiness is just not my way
Feel the burden to bleed
As this blade enters me
Not to kill or to cut
Just to numb the thoughts  
A love that is not

~I’m not in love~
I never was
Keep those thoughts alive
Becoming the only way I can survive
But I know I’m not really even alive
It’s just the thoughts that survive
Burdened by my own mind
Dig the blade of my thoughts deep
My burden-- the memories I shouldn’t keep
Reap in the savage confines of one’s own mind
It’s the sharpest blade
And yet it’ll never cut out the memories we never made


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Copyright 2019 SolApathy
Published on Tuesday, May 7, 2019.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

...The loss of something I never truly knew wrecked my soul more than you ever knew..
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