Unto the Queen

By Commander_Cadaver

As she lies there,
Her soft, light brown skin
Reflects the candles' flames
That are lit around her
Marble pool.
The pool is slightly filled
With hot water and floating
Rose petals.
Around the pool, tied in a kneeling
Are thirteen young servants
Willing to serve their King and Queen.
Behind each servant stands
A cloaked figure holding
Black hilt daggers.

The King carefully walks
Around the pool, lost in a trance
As he mumbles a prayer to
The Mistress of Earth:
"I lift up my eyes to gaze upon
Your beauty of body:
You who are the daughter and
A Gate to our Dark Gods."
He continues the prayer
Under his breath
As he burns an insence of Jupiter.
With each red candle and insence
Lit, the King raises a chalice
Of red wine to his lips
And sips on it as he would water.

Sitting by the head of his Queen,
The King places the rim
Of the chalice to her lips
Where she finishes what was left.
Both in a slight tipsy state
Begin to chant their part of
The prayer as the tied servants
Begin to hum as one.
The cloaked figures raise their
Daggers to the necks of the servants
And, with a quick slice, spill
The blood of the innocent.
"Kiss me and I shall make you
As an eagle to its prey.
Touch me and I shall make you
As a strong sword that severs
And stains my Earth with blood,"
The Queen almost sings
As she pours the mixture of
Blood and hot water over
Her bare body.
She looks to her King,
Writhing with excitement
"Taste me and I shall make you
As a seed of corn which grows
Towards the sun, and never dies.
Plough me and plant me
With your seed and I shall make you
As a Gate that opens to our Gods!"

The King dips the chalice in
The blood water mixture.
Closing his eyes,
He pours the liquid over
His closely shaven head and
Smiles as he feels his Queen
Grab at his crotch and thighs.
"I lift up my voice to stand
Before you my Goddess
And offer my body so that
My mage's seed may fees
Your hungry flesh."

King and Queen,
Caked in blood,
Consummate in a bed of
Fresh white linen
As the cloaked figures
Stand to the side and
Perform a prayer of their own.
For this night, their power
Is beyond that of any demons'.
Tonight, their power is drawn
Directly from the Mistress of the Earth.

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Copyright 2019 Commander_Cadaver
Published on Friday, April 12, 2019.     Filed under: "Spiritual" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

A story/ritual. Enjoy.
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