...Somber sorrows

By SolApathy


Chaos of a soul deprived
Too dark, self-reviled
Burdened by thoughts of a destiny we will never see
 I ponder the thoughts of a loneliness to forever haunt me
I look to all the forks in the road never taken
Knowing now I am forsaken
Just for a glimmer of hope to take one single chance
A gambler’s dream of a 1 in a million romance
 I see your eyes and know
You too, avoided the forks in the road
Upon the safer path
You cry in silence –A cracked laugh
Un-made memories forsaken
Penance for being craven
Desperate of a dream never to be
Moonlit skies-- stars we will never see
We are all desperate to see the roads untraveled
Yet taking a peek can cause what little we have to unravel
And so, into my fractured dreams we travel
Distancing ourselves from the reality of our silent screams
We find only desiccated moonlight beams
One-night romances hold no purchase for a long-lasting love
 20 years too quickly passed -- we must kiss goodbye
Our unrealized path
And yet I know in this poisonous dream
I will succumb to the darkness of my own screams
Take this needle of sullen shades
Inject me deep and in the darkness of death, let me bathe
I realized when I lost you there was nothing left of me to save…

We all think all to often of paths never taken, and for some of us that became the moment we were forsaken. 


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Copyright 2019 SolApathy
Published on Monday, April 8, 2019.     Filed under: "Depressed" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

...In the light of our first and last kiss, I didn't realize the life I was about to...Miss
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Comments on "...Somber sorrows"

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  • Jonas Robinson On Tuesday, April 9, 2019, Jonas Robinson (939)By person wrote:

    Goodbyes like that are really hard. Thank you for sharing this expressive wonder with us. :)

  • SolApathy On Tuesday, April 9, 2019, SolApathy (552)By person wrote:

    Thank you. I always enjoy comments like this :)

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