Felix (letter 2, part 2)

By God Is In The Rain

What are my internet friends doing? *sigh* I wish there was a way to filter out all the people who are trying to give me reasons why to carry out my plan and why not. I’ve heard your phrases why not to do it. Mum already told me all of them. You’re just wasting your breath. You don’t even know me, why are you saying you’ll miss me. We’ve literally never interacted in any way prior to now. People telling me to do it as well. I’ve got myself for that. The two sides seem to be in war with each other too. Get something better to do. Learn to cook or something.

Perfect, more religious people. So, which of you are being ‘Christian’? The people telling me how I’ll burn in hell forever, the ones who keep saying how they’re praying for me, or the ones who mind their own business? Some people took it upon themselves to tell everyone how it’s none of their matter what I’ll do. Why are you wasting your time over me? All of you.

Here’s something interesting. A group dedicated to coming up with a new plan for me. This is exactly what I wanted. Apparently, you need to be invited by an existing member to see their posts. Maybe someone already invited me? It’s loading. Yeah. That’s cool.

Mallory returns from the bathroom. “Are you ok?”
“I don’t feel very well”
Yeah, don’t expect that to change any time soon dummy. “Please don’t do that again.”
“I won’t, I promise.”
“Just lay down and don’t do anything for a while. If you tire yourself it will only get worse. Do you want some water?”
“No I’m ok.”
No you’re not. You’re obviously insane.
There’s nothing helpful internet group. Some people are even trying to be funny about it. Obviously, I’m not here to laugh. Go write comedy sketches. I’m serious about this. I need a new plan before it’s too late.

I’ll have to write another letter.

“Mallory? Are you alight? Should I call someone?”
“How do you go about your day feeling like this?”
“Well, I’m not going to school anymore, and mum took time off so she could cook for me. I’m not doing all that much. Plus, like with everything, you kind of get used to it if given enough time.”
“Please kill me.”
“No Mallory, you’re going to live.”
“How can you call me evil for my jokes and yet smirk right now?”
“I don’t know, I just find it ironic” She doesn’t respond to that. She just rolls her eyes and launches a pillow missile into my face.

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Copyright 2019 God Is In The Rain
Published on Monday, February 11, 2019.     Filed under: "Fiction" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Due to the nature of material, I couldn't get anyone to proof read this for me, therefore, criticism is highly valued, and praise mistaken for pity. There are 4 letters in total.
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