The Ties That Bind


Outside my window, limbs with leaves are blowing in the breeze 
Mosquitoes are making melodies, as butterflies dance with honey bees 
They all seem to hail to me, they are inviting me to their tree 
But my heart is bound to where you left me 
Living a lie and hanging on to nothing 
Although the truth is shown, I'm not trusting 
I found out that there are certain things that you should keep 
This way if they decide to leave, the cuts are not to deep 
You see they want to get into my heart and mind 
They want to feel what I feel, see what makes me shine 
But I'm a lone wolf, attacked, and ran away from the pack 
My heart and mind has been abused, I don't respond to affection like that 
Haha they think that I'm playing a game, that I want to play hard to get 
Their patience is wearing thin, they don't have time for my shit 
My answers aren't answers, and my face is a mystery 
But I am a walking disaster, why would anyone want to know me 
In this universe there are greater mysteries, than the look and color of my face  
I've declared myself Mentality, because I'm no longer bound by race 
Connected on a mental level to bridge the space 
Hoping that love would remain, but hate and bigotry would be erased 
On this level my heart is an open door 
You're welcome to see through my eyes as never before 
Now when we speak your questions will suddenly be answered 
We are no longer evasive, or a questionairie dancer 
I arrived here from a neutral chromosome  
Slept where darkness met the light on the horizon 
Broke bread with everyone declaring earth a war free zone 
And with this love, we declare, we will never be alone 

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Copyright 2019 I IS ME
Published on Sunday, February 3, 2019.     Filed under: "Philosophical" and "Poetry"
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