The Monster

By From_Ashes

Tell me...why do you cry?
Are you IN mourning or is it JUST morning?
Does the sunrise shine awareness on the darkness that surrounds you like a barless prison of your own creation?
A reminder that you're sealed in a box that no one can see
Of which ironically enough YOU are the ceiling?
But you're not alone...
There's a demon lying dormant inside but there's nowhere to hide and only escape can be your saving grace
So wait
For when you start to move and find a groove the inevitable stumble and eventual fall sit you right back down in the corner you've aptly named "home".
You call it "home" because you've lived there for years, blanketed in fear, paralyzed with the monster near. 
The exit is in your reach but that threshold you can't breach because once again, you're in YOUR OWN WAY.
On a journey but the path's unclear, you have the drive but can't steer, so in this box you stay.

So once again in this mirror I speak
wearing a mask SO strong with a soul SO weak, I ask again...WHY DO I FUCKING CRY?
Am I IN mourning or is it JUST morning?
The yes.
So another day in this prison I'll be, I can't run and hide where the monster can't see
Because the painful truth is...the me.

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Copyright 2018 From_Ashes
Published on Thursday, November 8, 2018.     Filed under: "Depressed" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

I am not sure how this will translate into something read, but this is my first ever attempt at a spoken word piece.
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Comments on "The Monster"

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  • LOKI On Thursday, November 8, 2018, LOKI (168)By person wrote:

    You don't know how well I relate to this. It is really well written and seems like it comes from the depths of your soul. We all have a monster in us

  • From_Ashes On Tuesday, June 25, 2019, From_Ashes (13)By person wrote:

    I know I'm VERY late to responding to this comment. And for that, I apologize. However, thank you so much! It helps my crazy head realize I'm not "alone" in this place. I appreciate it!

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