Cat & Mouse

By Commander_Cadaver

She's loose in a maze of hallways
And rooms.
Will she find her way out?
Or will I find her first?
Let the game begin.

I slam the head of the sledgehammer
Against the wall to my right.
The impact echoes through the hallway.
A soft whimper is heard a few seconds later,
Coming from behind me.
She's a clever mouse,
But I'm an even more clever hunter.

The hammer's heavy head hits the floor,
Dragging along as I slowly make my way
Towards her whimpering.
I like to have fun with my prey before
Fully pouncing on them.
It makes the hunt that much more enjoyable.

A door down the hallway slams shut,
Clicking and locking into place.
A smile forms behind my gasmask,
The lenses fogging up as my breathing quickens.
She's so close.
So naive.
She'll be mine shortly.

I stop at the door and raise my right hand.
Knock knock knock.
I wait a few seconds.
Hmm, no answer.
Guess I need to Big Bad Wolf this door down.
The hammer goes up and comes back down.

Goes the doorknob, clattering to the floor.
A large new hole forms in the middle of the door.
Crash, like the sound of a thousand falling diamonds.
The head of the sledgehammer made an
Easy mess of the small window.

A few more swings and the door hangs by
Its hinges, begging me to end its sufffering.
I kick in the remainder of the door
And walk my way into the presumably empty room.
Faint moonlight shines through paper covered
Windows, giving the room a brownish hue.

Movement catches my eye to the left of me,
She's trying to make a break for it.
I kick a desk into her path, causing her
To trip and fall face first onto the floor.
I walk over to her, grab the handle of the hammer
With both hands, raise it, and bring the head down
Onto the back of her skull.
There wasn't much of a struggle as the back
Of her head caved in.
Blood sprayed and skull fragments flew.
Her body paralyzed by both shock and
Her crushed nervous system.

Goes her spine multiple times.
She's convulsing already, but I'm
Nowhere near done.
Her rib cage is turned to dust from the back,
Hanging there in limbo, trying to
Protect the vital organs.

I kneel down, roll her over, and pull out a
Small hunting knife.
Plunging the blade into her sternum, I hurriedly
Begin to slice open her cheat regeion.
I pull the layers of skin back, revealing
A cracked and falling apart ribcage.

Standing back up and panting,
I start to crush her ribs, lungs, heart, and diaphragm.
Blood oozes from her frozen open mouth,
And runs wildly from battered and flattened
The rats will feast tonight.

Not my best of works, but it was well needed.
I put the hammer over my shoulder and
Start my long trek back home.

Unauthorized Copying Is Prohibited. Ask the author first.
Copyright 2018 Commander_Cadaver
Published on Tuesday, October 9, 2018.     Filed under: "Horror" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Half asleep and fighting writer's/murderer's block.
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Comments on "Cat & Mouse"

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  • I IS ME On Thursday, October 11, 2018, I IS ME (794)By person wrote:

    Nothing wrong with the piece or ending we see you whistling a tune as you depart Nice

  • Commander_Cadaver On Thursday, October 11, 2018, Commander_Cadaver (288)By person wrote:

    Thank you. I might end up rewriting this one day when I'm not half asleep.

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