Sunday Morning

By Steven86175

This was everything i ever wanted.

The morning suns soft shine flowed across your resting face,

Your effortless beauty oozing.

Then suddenly your piercing eyes opened, and invited me to your loves comfortable company,

You smiled, our eyes staring into one anothers deepest parts, our non-physical selves bonding, twisting, flowing, and sharing this beautiful untainted moment.

Our love as pure as ever,
Our child down the hall,
Our perfect life,
My mind right,
The stars aligned.

But then you seemed thinner,
Your complextion becoming ever more transparent to the white nothingness behind you.
As if i was the only one that could see what was happening as i slowly watched it all disintigrate into my mind.

Then i opened my eyes, and felt that harsh morning sun slap my face through the baby blue curtains that had adopted a sickly yellowish tint.

I quickly re-grouped,
And that dark, sickly feeling spread from my stomach to my consciousness,
And i realized it was just another dream.

I was still here.

Still jobless.

Still ugly.

Still hopless.

As i rose, i stepped on the damn bottles from yesterday, or was it from last week?

I staggered my way through,
Till i could see myself,
Sickly from my last meal, from the day before last.
What's closer?
The inevitable end of an injection of steel and lead to my left temple, or the day i find someone who isin't there.

I was born for a future I'll never have.

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Copyright 2018 Steven86175
Published on Saturday, October 6, 2018.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

A grammar nazi's dream
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