By IndigoNico

Today, I am bypassing my vanity
They say vanity ends up alone
Tired eyes, slowly open in the sunlight
Hesitating, reluctant and unaware
Precisely what this consious reality holds

A perfectly deadly mind,
Is getting invaded day and night
Ever altered, wonderfully haunted
A clawing, screaming, beauty dies
The forrest burns in crashing white waves

The smallest glimpse, of a certain face
And I instantly cry, scream, kill, and die
Calm and chaotic, perfectly aligned
Time for him to say, his last goodbye
The shadows slant
As I inhale my first new breath

Unauthorized Copying Is Prohibited. Ask the author first.
Copyright 2018 IndigoNico
Published on Wednesday, July 11, 2018.     Filed under: "Rage" and "Poetry"
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