Witness *The truth*

By SoPrecious

You stood back snickering with pleasure...
I laid there dying with wounds you could measure
How does it feel to know you were wrong?
How could you keep so quiet, for so long?

You were my only hope – the key to my justice..
But instead I am left with just this
A ticket - to eternal silence & pain
And you’re only left with a faint blood stain..

But you can never wash away what you saw…
That night when you ran in fright, I remember it all
You watched in the shadows & I watched you creep near
I just wonder how you ignored me when I cried out to you in fear

And he stood before me gun cocked….
He pointed it straight at my face.
My life flashing before me, my heart began to race

The weapon screamed as it shattered through my being
I laid there motionless… while you and my blood were fleeing

Can you just imagine...How it must feel?
To dream that you are dying...
Only to realize that it’s real

How it must feel to know, that your last words were never spoken
Or what it’s like to be laid at rest, never to be awoken.
From the afterlife here I stand – here I am crying out to you
Was my young life not precious enough…?
Not precious enough for you?

I guess the truth is, I never really died
And if anything was deceased, it was just my purity inside
It was death, not physically, more like mentally
There is no forgiveness for being a witness
As he raped the innocence of a young princess

You’d sit back and watch the things that’d he’d do,
And sometimes you’d even try to play with me too
And it’s funny because a child’s life is supposed to be so delicate
So when you touched and teased me…
Did you do it for the hell of it?

But don’t worry I forget this, and neither will you...
Because trust me one day you’ll get yours too.

I was the victim of a psychological murder
And my only life was taken
Relying on you to avenge me, I must have been mistaken
When your time comes, don’t you dare beg for forgiveness
I begged for you to save me… but you were just a witness.

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Copyright 2018 SoPrecious
Published on Wednesday, July 4, 2018.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

If you look at my uploads you'll see I tried to tell this story years ago but I just couldn't..and left this piece unfinished. Although this is a metaphor , the tragedy behind it is all to real. I revisit this piece 7 years later.
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  • dwells On Thursday, July 5, 2018, dwells (5737)By person wrote:

    A sad and common tale well-told SP. Welcome to DP and your skills (and strength) are evident in the telling. Cheers! - Dan

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