Just one more drink

By God Is In The Rain

Just one more drink

let the brain Shrink!
cheers to the "living dead" Syndrome!
no, miss, please, just one more Drink
and i swear that i'll go Home
                                    the truth is, i don't really have anywhere to Go....
i used to think we were blossoms - we were Parks
with the whole world, to improve and Adjust
i used to think we were more than just Sparks -
reaching out for Dust
                                    but i guess everything takes time - and time takes Everything....
we had Fun
we were in Love
we had a good Run
a situation one of us is rather Above
                                    and another rather Below....
who could have Guessed?
i would be standing Alone
left with an empty Chest 
and a dial Tone
                                    well, except about every pensioner refusing to Sing....
drinking bottles of my "Dreams"
in my personal museum of despair and Ash
full of silence that painfully Screams
that all what's left are; loneliness and piles of Trash
                                    well i guess some sorrows are Deadly....
with that special Somebody
still left in photos, but lost in Past
just like cancer in your Body
some things just go too Fast
                                    and like lives they fall Apart....
nah, i don't need to "go to Hell"
i've already found it inside my Head
in memories of familiar Smell
and pictures painted by the Dead
                                    with colors withering away - slowly but Steadily....
i never liked drinking, i never believed in Fate
but that is also Over
co's it's about half past too Late,
what a time to be Sober.
                                    and i guess that's the worst Part....
i'm tired of hiding lies in my Pantomime
and truths behind my Mask
being sad seems to be considered Crime
and mourning despicable Task
                                    but sometimes there's just too much to Sink....
when push comes to Throttle
all we can is just keep on keeping On

so please,


just one more drink....

just one more Bottle....

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Copyright 2018 God Is In The Rain
Published on Monday, June 11, 2018.     Filed under: "Depressed" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

spoiler alert: out of interest, have you noticed it is three poems at once? (one obvious, one as the lines with space behind them only, and one made of capitalized words only (you know, one of those weird ones... that require a lot of imagination....))
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Comments on "Just one more drink"

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  • Glass eyes On Thursday, June 14, 2018, Glass eyes (7)By person wrote:

    Awesome poem! Great write!

  • God Is In The Rain On Thursday, June 14, 2018, God Is In The Rain (37)By person wrote:

    thank you ^^

  • Devil lyn On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, Devil lyn (413)By person wrote:

    Good to read you again! And if it hadn`t been for you note, I would have never noticed it was 3 poems. . .But back to this epic piece - to what you made it. I thought it brilliant...the contrast between depression and booze; like a clash of dominance with nothing resulting in the end except for the ache ... ~Devlin

  • God Is In The Rain On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, God Is In The Rain (37)By person wrote:

    I'm happy to hear from you old friend ^^ Are you still using the email you once sent me? Many things happened since the last time we spoke. ^^

  • Devil lyn On Wednesday, June 13, 2018, Devil lyn (413)By person wrote:

    Yes, it's the same. And I'm hoping good things! Look forward to hearing from you:)

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