ray ImPulsiVe

By God Is In The Rain

ray ImPulsiVe

peaceful silence is broken.
well someone is mad!
doors slam wide open.
seems you've done something bad.
were you not listening?
again and again.
angry eyes glistening.
"just stay strong and sustain." (narrator, whispering)

lungs full of hope for starting anew
"this has to cease!
i mean it, hit me and i'm leaving you!
just once more and i'm calling the police!" (ray)
thick air and mugs flying through.
expect another beating
"look what you've made me do!
our snowflake wants a better treating!?" (ImPulsiVe)

face fills with violet stains.
knife wants to visit ribs.
blood dancing off the veins.
"run! just run! move your hips!" (narrator, whispering)
blood loves to hug concrete
while strangers solely avoid eyes.
"cold nights breeze is so sweet.
and sapphire skies just granite chunks in disguise." (narrator, whispering)

legs stumbling on asphalt.
thoughts infect confused mind.
was it really ImPulsiVe fault?
or was our ray just unkind?
"maybe it's truth - all the things ImPulsiVe likes to say.
when the sun sets - they're your loving partner right?
if you leave them - who else will want you anyway?
no! just stay strong! this can not be 'alright!'" (narrator, whispering)

few more steps, and you're safe.
bandage wound, cup of tea.
here knives and mugs don't strafe.
soon you are to be free.
with this day ends the storm!
policemen with paradise.
mrs in uniform.
sits down - she seems so nice.

"....to explain simple and raw.
i can clearly see you've been hurt and beaten.
but we have directives and law.
so let me give you an advice as a policeman.
when your partner begins painting crimson and blue, 
just get out of there as fast as you can.
- because if she breaks a fingernail hitting you? 
we're gonna arrest you then." (mrs police)

#feminism, #male_privilige, #ray_ImPulsiVe

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Published on Monday, April 16, 2018.     Filed under: "Political" and "Poetry"
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  • dwells On Saturday, April 14, 2018, dwells (5681)By person wrote:

    Wasn't sure where this was going for the longest while GIITR, but very much enjoyed your surprise ending. There are two sides to every story: some real, some contrived, and some prejudged (for sure). Cheers! - Dan

  • God Is In The Rain On Monday, April 16, 2018, God Is In The Rain (50)By person wrote:

    Thank you Dan. ^^ May i ask you... i mean.... you're one of three people who have read it, and i don'T expect many more as it's fairly old by now.... has something happened with this page or are my works just getting really really trashy? - Mr.Rain (But call me Gregory if you prefer first names ^-^)

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