...Sorrows of the Desiccated

By SolApathy

Words are swords--bloody from battles
Worn are the sweaters of souls
Threads bare as emptiness takes its toll
Broken are the dreams we hold
Sadness of life’s satire unfolds
Still unto love we hold
Begging to borrow
Reprieve from tomorrow’s sorrow
Blood of cut soles imbue my soul
Tearing apart what little love I hold
shattered dreams of this broken man
Eclipse the happiness I no longer am
What is this I am becoming
Sanitized emotions replace a once smiling face
Blank stares mimic the stale air
Of this rat race affair
Beckoning to become number one
Number two, it just won’t do
Can you tell me why as strife lights the fuse?
Burdening me with the memories I can no-longer feel
Hollow is life as I take the blade upon my veins
Only to find nothing remains


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Published on Monday, March 12, 2018.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Vacant moments now reside where my soul once tried to hide
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