The Walls They Moan

By Cattarax

The walls they are talking again

I haven't medicated in months

Spiraling somewhere towards in.control
Balanced with out my fucking mind
It feels good

Whisper again
It makes me twitch
Tell me again
The tale of what a good girl I am

On my knees
I've said I'll beg
Let me show you
Lustful anticipation

The desire will hurt
Throb ... pulsate
Scream over the deafening lyrics
You need it ...
Is it me??

Tongue dancing
Temptations temptress
Seductive Minx
A Devil Lusting on her Angel

I've tasted perfection
It's tainted with euphoria
Slowly dying

You promise.d

If not it will be
I'll be the fix that you can't detox from
I'll make it so you don't even want to

Play with me
Show me your beast
Clenching teeth walls and fists

Teach me ours

Lick my scars
They sting
I drew our future

The walls
They hold our secrets
Moan about my fairy tale.d fantasies
When you're gone and my fingers wander
About sweet bedtime lullabies
Only they know how something turned to everything

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Copyright 2018 Cattarax
Published on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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