Hawaiian Hearts near and far

By darkendomme

♦ I am so tired from the demands of this world, said the pleaser

"Lay in this hammock between us two, Let us sway you in our shade. Listen to the serenades of our
​island birds and childrens distant laughter as they play in the ocean and it's shore breaks. Let sleep find you in warm slumber, as you drift into peace of mind . Aloha." said the coconut trees.

​♦ I am alone, I don't want to be lonely, said the Loner

"Tonight you are invited to a luau (celebration) and you will be welcomed with great love and aloha. Here my people have been raised to welcome all as ohana (family). The Hawaiian people are a rare breed of kindness and generosity. You will eat all night, laugh till it hurts, dance under the light of the moon's shine and hanai (adopted) into this ohana who has chosen you. Here you will never be alone again, having countless cousins as they do. Aloha."said the Aloha spirit".

​♦ My eyes are sad, I see only sadness, said the crier

"Walk through my forest of ancient giants and witness, how even the sun respects them. Plants of all kinds, trees showcasing their alluring flowers, some born here and others carried in the bowels of birds and ocean currents. Observe its history and learn of the healing medicines and remedies of old. Vines and wild orchids above and below. Watch, as natural perfumes invite themselves into your nostrils. See your blessings and their colors surrounding you and dry your eyes with my prettyness. Behold what was meant for eyes such as yours. Aloha." said nature.

​♦ I am neglected and no one cares about me...said the forgotten

"Take this board and dive into my blue waters, catch my waves in the sun's shine. See the
​wonders of creation beneath and find your smile as the turtles and dolphins greet you. I leave delicate gifts for you on the sands of my shore lines, pick all you want and I will make you a puka (hole) shell necklace. Wear it near your heart and know that you are fondly remembered and thought of always. Aloha". said the ocean.

♦ I am so bored, I cant afford adventure, said the poor

"Follow my instructions... swim to where the covered path begins near the base of my tree line. The big boulder marks the start of my lost trail, hike in awe of untouched lands and their ancient mysteries told in old legends by our elders. When your ears hear my surprise, continue on . Follow the trail and be captivated, by my enchantingly dark and hidden waterfall. There... is where the riches of adventure awaits you. Aloha". said the mountain.

​♦ My heart does not want to leave, but I must...said the one In love.

"When you are ready to return to me, close your eyes and remember. Allow the island trade winds to find you and carry you to my turquoise and tanzanite ocean in the pacific. Surf the waves as you were taught and ride on the backs of your ocean friends that love you. Your Hawaiian ohana will greet you with fragranted plumeria leis and abundance of food with open arms on familiar sea shelled shores. Make your way to our secret waterfall that washes the world's cares away and there... I will return your heart to you once again. Aloha"... said Hawaii.

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Copyright 2017 darkendomme
Published on Wednesday, April 12, 2017.     Filed under: "Love" and "Short Story"

Author's Note:

"Hawaii..where my beautiful heart is..aloha." said the poet.


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Comments on "Hawaiian Hearts near and far"

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  • SolApathy On Sunday, April 16, 2017, SolApathy (560)By person wrote:

    Congratulations on winning the contest...Very well deserved....It is deep, haunting, and beautiful all at the same time. A well deserved winner!

  • darkendomme On Monday, April 17, 2017, darkendomme (135)By person wrote:

    Thank you so much. I'm truly honored to have won this. Most of all I am happy to have had the opportunity to share the simple enjoyments of my home with you all. I aimed to bring the reader with me, into my own experiences and memories and I hope I did exactly that. Writing this flowed really nicely, a lot of beautiful thoughts and appreciations shared from the heart... Thank you. Aloha.

  • A former member wrote: This sits so deep with me, I felt like I was at the ultimate peace, listening to a ukulele being played. Ohana can be so wonderful and caring, even sometimes when we feel that we don't deserve it. Hawaii is definitely a beautiful place! Congratulations on your win! Rebs:).

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