Tell Me That Our Life's A Test

By Dimensions

Tell me that our life's a test,
Of miseries monotonous,
Sobs of sorrow puddle slow,
Until we shed our flesh....
Sometimes in apartments - cold,
Light escapes the shadows - bold,
Stretching from a narrow hall,
No wife or child to hold....
Numbness that you now know well,
Returning reminiscent spell,
Agonizing of what was,
Before the final curtain fell....
In your heart there's pestilence,
You clutch your chest as in defense,
Inhale and hold - in pain, you pause,
As betrayals bitter thoughts commence....
Then swollen, circled eyes do meet,
The empty bottles at your feet,
Whose clanking cuts the quiet calm,
While thoughts of ending all, you greet....
Then when you stand upon that chair,
And offer up a final prayer,
To face the dangling nooses knot,
Your soul she shall not spare.

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Copyright 2016 Dimensions
Published on Monday, November 30, -1.     Filed under: "Depressed" and "Poetry"
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