Draw close.. Take into one's arms and embrace my dear Goddess

By Tormented_Mind

Strong enough to protect her.. is all I want to be.
Careful not to jostle her delicate heart. I gently lift her into my arms...
To caress her as through I am blind, letting touch become my sight.
I kiss her with lips open.. tongue soft.. sweeping across hers in attempt to declare my eternal faith...

Travel to her breasts.. circling like that you would of a molten cake.. to the center. But I do not bite..
As biting her suppleness is like that of picking a rose before it blooms.
Like the sweetness of the ice cream cone you've been craving since to beginning of summer.. consume them in the warmth of my mouth.. savoring as I hold you in my hands.
To make love to my goddess..
Our eyes meet.. you're the woman of my dreams.. a dream becomes reality.

I ask myself.. "Are you willing to die for her..?" And the answer is.. I am..
To look at her, I've seen the reason.. the purpose.. the answer..
The answer we search for night and day, for each minute of our existance.
Like witnessing the creation of our universe.. 

To make love to my goddess.. Eye contact is said to be the deepest penetration... making her melt from the heart.. her body trembling as you use your fingers.. Tracing your way to your next destination..

Intention is like the wind.. Uncatchable.. un-see-able.. But its still there.. So let your intention be;
Not to conquer her like a conquest.. but to make her yours.. with a connection so deep.. and love so true.. 
She can tell the difference... just as one can tell the difference of that between a breeze and gust.
She will know what she is to you.. let it be known..
You're making love to a goddess..

A synchronised dance.. A tango of reaction and responce..
Keep your eye on her.. speak through your finger tips..
Let me serve you.. Let me care for you.. Let me pleasure you for the simple reason of this;
That I want to my goddess, I want to..

As our bodies beat to the drum of blood..
Voices.. Kisses.. Stars..
Your past.. your present and your future.. let us be together.. inseperable..

I'll lead the way..

As I wrap you in my safety.. as you collapse into me.. and my goddess becomes mine..
And I.. I.. become yours.. the man that knows how.. how to make love to his goddess.


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Copyright 2015 Tormented_Mind
Published on Sunday, November 22, 2015.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "Draw close.. Take into one's arms and embrace my dear Goddess"

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  • soul_versing On Monday, November 23, 2015, soul_versing (1222)By person wrote:

    I fell in love with your opening, and as I continued to read I was not disappointed. Great piece, interesting flow and some powerful imagery. Professing your passionate nature with such class and delicacy. Excellent! -Write on Scholar

  • Broken Rose On Sunday, November 22, 2015, Broken Rose (15)By person wrote:

    Such a tender and loving poem, showing a women what it's like to be treated as a goddess rather then some toy. Beautiful description and imagery used, in all honesty it took my breath away. How you want to pleasure her without anything in return but just so that she feels good, so that she feels loved and safe. How you hold her so gently as though she may break, how you wish to know all of her secrets of her body, all her flaws in which she is beautiful to you. Such a beautiful and tender loving poem, now one of my favorites. Good job

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