Untitled #38

By rwb35

We found ourselves bound by
    soul slavery and theft
These are not my words 
    they are another's
This darkness is holier than thou
    it's cool fingers brush my sandpaper face
        I do not mind
My winds echo in my head
    like a clock slowly winding down
These are not my thoughts
    they are another era, another time
When the storm clouds came rolling in
    I hid my ears from the thunderous din
        a thousand locusts kiss my murdered face
And dawn is a billion light years away
        today is tomorrow
            and yesterday...
...I watched in solemn silence
Waited in aching solitude
Held out for the coming of the mojo
His decrepit face is filled with blood
    and eyes that see more than they will ever tell
Who is singing in the wood?
    it is my children, my progeny
Are they yours by sweat and toil?
    nay, they come from the blood
    my own!
The chills haven't stopped yet.  I can't stop shaking
At least the nightmares have ceased, but the emptiness that follows
Is a living Hell.
        and somewhere a clock tolled
I heard it from my window
    as I watched the flora and the fauna
        escape into the virgin snow
I am burning inside
The heat is killing everything I have ever known
And still I don't know where the fuel is coming from
Watching and waiting
    taking the world before the thunderheads come
        crashing the shore, my sand castles disintegrating
That ebb tide is here again
My cause is redemption
    and cold contempt lies thick in my veins
Did we ever care?
As we sold our soiled lives to the gypsies
See them in their ramshackle carts
    on their way to the interior
That's where the soldiers came from
    torn, dismembered, stinking, and gangrenous
Pus flowed with noxious ease as we destroyed
I stabbed the earth
    and found it rotted
Is this the end of it all
    can I fall down now?

January 9, 1994

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Copyright 2015 rwb35
Published on Saturday, October 31, 2015.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this. I hope everyone enjoys. Feedback is always welcome
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Comments on "Untitled #38"

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  • Damien On Sunday, November 1, 2015, Damien (191)By person wrote:

    You are fast becoming a favorite of mine. I look forward to the next

  • rwb35 On Sunday, November 1, 2015, rwb35 (79)By person wrote:

    Glad that you enjoy. I'll definitely keep posting

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