By malevolencefixation

I don’t want you to ignore
The “x”’s on my arm
You see the lines drawn on my hips
Worn like a good luck charm
Don't just turn away from me
And pretend you never saw...
It only furthers the evidence
That I’m invisible after all
I don’t want your pity
I’ll take your rage instead
I want your words to penetrate
To get inside my head
Just tell me I belong to you
And that i have no right
to cut my skin till blood drips out
When i can’t sleep at night.
I want you to crumble to your knees
kiss my scars and say
that you’ll never leave my side again
Say that you’ll never go away.
I want you to slap me until i feel again
Then kiss me till I’m numb
hold my head so tight against your chest
That I can feel your hearts every thrum
Look into my eyes and say
That your heart beats for only me
Then hold my hands over your eyes
And say I’m all you ever see
Give me a reason not to kill myself
By showing me your need
Only when you need me
Will I stop making myself bleed.

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Copyright 2014 malevolencefixation
Published on Friday, September 5, 2014.     Filed under: "Depressed" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "Bleed"

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  • A former member wrote: Thanks for the writing. I enjoyed it a lot. Please, keep yourself blessed.

  • Damon Tarloth On Saturday, November 1, 2014, Damon Tarloth (157)By person wrote:

    Very powerful read. I love the last line. Nicely Inked... :)

  • A former member wrote: So young and soo full of pain. I fear our youth has not been trained well to handle the shit world us older folks have created. We are sorry.

  • Natternes On Saturday, September 13, 2014, Natternes (28)By person wrote:

    A very honest poem, filled with a longing for acceptance and love. Good piece =)

  • A former member wrote: Was not what I was expecting from that pretty face, but nonetheless a good pen

  • Bashost On Sunday, September 7, 2014, Bashost (30)By person wrote:

    Wow... this poem hit me hard... This is beautifully, tragically told. Speechless.

  • malevolencefixation On Sunday, September 7, 2014, malevolencefixation (25)By person wrote:

    Thank you so much for the feedback. Greatly appreciated. :)

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