The Obvious

By entelechia

It is obvious,
The lily can no longer live,
The Castles can no longer forgive,
The leader will do no more than lead,
The farmer but plant barren seed.

It is obvious,
Angels are chased from hamlet to town
By smoke clouds red, grey and brown,
Never hiding a sun that burns through our skin and heart,
Not to warm us, but to make us end before we start.

It is obvious,
More flowers are trampled than offered for love,
More hearts crashed than carried 'neath the wings of a dove;
There are more simple passages than tortuous roads,
More freedom to forget, than a conscience that goads.

It is obvious,
Children are born eighty years of age,
Never learning in the arms of a sage,
But from men younger in mind than body,
Pretending to leap, but never leaving the jetty.

It is obvious life's a dirge, not a song,
And a bird that sings won't sing too long;
There's no rolling rill, no murmuring brook,
No lulling lullaby, no innocent book.

It is obvious,
Those endless wars will never forget,
For wars can only wars beget;
A lip that kisses is a lip that bleeds,
Thorns, roses, and a mind that never heeds.

It is obvious,
The old man and woman on a bench,
Rotting in eighty years of stench,
A flower in hand with more petals
Than their days of joy, peace, and medals.

It is obvious,
We have forgotten the dead,
The blood beneath and the bleak ahead;
Have replaced truth with dreams,
Souls with pockets bursting at the seams.

It is obvious,
The sea roars and roars through isthmus and bay,
The day's a night and the night a day;
Clouds and waves merge to give
A last chance to souls that never forgive.

It is obvious,
It is obvious, it is obvious to all,
The ones that rise, the ones that fall,
But you my innocent friend,
You my dearest, innocent friend:
Do not take your life tonight!
Do not leave me alone to face the dimming light!
For I too am crumbling, I am falling apart;
And this is obvious,
Way more obvious
Than all I've said in any poem or song.

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Copyright 2013 entelechia
Published on Sunday, July 21, 2013.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "The Obvious"

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  • FadedBlues On Sunday, July 21, 2013, FadedBlues (2942)By person wrote:

    ...what benefit is wisdom, that it only discovers torment...

  • lupus tenebrae On Sunday, July 21, 2013, lupus tenebrae (1017)By person wrote:

    Just how I like my poetry; easy on the eyes and heavy on the soul. I wanted to reach out, and catch my crumpling heart, but I was too transfixed on your words. It fell, purple and bruised, to the unforgiving earth. Your talent, it definitely shows. Scholar

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