mentally unstable

By the broken

i want you to hurt me

to beat me into the floor

i need you to hurt me

like everyone has before


my pain is now my pleasure

and that pain is beyond measure

my pain is now my treasure

and still somehow my oppressor


you rationalize me

your genius in the mind

supposably dainose or help me

you say i should leave past memoiries behind

then tell me

why do these walls confined me

hide me

from what is

inside me

...but it is in here with me

im walking trough this world blindly

blind folded

in darkness

its covering me like a blanket

and dont anybody get near it

fear it

its all a conspiracy aint it....

no its a book and im the main fucking character in it

i am a god

better than you

the person next to you

and the person next to them too

no im not ........

mabey, i dont know....

okay.... i may need some sort of help

but not in the form of a pill

its poisen and it will only make me ill

your trying to turn me into a zombie

a mindless walking fleshy body

you probably

just wish you could end it with

a lobotomy

lite torture

and some sodomy


people say that i am mentally unstable

and they tell about me to others like some kind of fable

moral of the story kids...

dont have a bad mind/life or you will suffer then die later with a label

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Copyright 2013 joshua lee mccourt
Published on Sunday, May 12, 2013.     Filed under: "Abuse" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "mentally unstable"

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  • chucky247 On Friday, May 9, 2014, chucky247 (25)By person wrote:

    lovely. As sasha says I am a young person and I can relate to this and i have allot of friends that could it is a beutifull piece

  • TornPieces On Thursday, May 23, 2013, TornPieces (38)By person wrote:

    THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS. This poem says the truth of the mind. You've been through a mind f*** really, I can tell. And its not fair that just because of what was done to you, now you have to be labelled. You are as normal as you can be after what you've been through. *sorry you're hurting*

  • A former member wrote: An addiction to pain, I can feel you on that one good sir, not only in the receiving but in the inflicting.

  • Sasha_Revengy On Sunday, May 12, 2013, Sasha_Revengy (61)By person wrote:

    I know of young people who could relate to this. It is how we view or see things that builds us or breaks us.

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