Cloth and Knife.

By TheProphetUntold



The quick cut and rush,
the blade lends to begging flesh.
The mind clots and rusts.


...and pleasure erupts,
battle is violent sex.
All, for which I lust.


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Copyright 2012 TheProphetUntold
Published on Saturday, September 22, 2012.     Filed under: "Poetry"


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Comments on "Cloth and Knife."

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  • A former member wrote: Love this....darkly seductive and very moreish!

  • Malice In Wonderland On Sunday, November 3, 2013, Malice In Wonderland (1021)By person wrote:

    this made my hair stand on end, pins and needles, per usual. you. are excellent as always. Scholar

  • Intoxicating Delirium On Tuesday, August 20, 2013, Intoxicating Delirium (394)By person wrote:

    This is great, I love short poems, especially this one :)

  • Corinthian On Sunday, February 17, 2013, Corinthian (358)By person wrote:

    when you begin to rot , must drink blood and milk fluuius De quo si bibas modicum, Medetur malis corporis .. said the Prophets, and Priests ............this leaves smokey circles , I enjoyed , liked very much the " clots and rust " may you have many [ecstasies}

  • CaseyAnthonyAddict On Sunday, January 20, 2013, CaseyAnthonyAddict (24)By person wrote:

    This is incredible. The profile here is also incredible.

  • TheScarsWithin On Saturday, September 22, 2012, TheScarsWithin (18)By person wrote:

    I like how you made this one.

  • lupus tenebrae On Saturday, September 22, 2012, lupus tenebrae (1016)By person wrote:

    I've always thought the minimal style of senryu/haiku, lends well to your words, like the skeleton of a powerful machine. A hint of cloak and dagger here, and just as quick and efficient, much praise. Scholar

  • dwells On Saturday, September 22, 2012, dwells (5703)By person wrote:

    Cool two'fer - kudos for the haikus.

  • Sinfully Sweet On Saturday, September 22, 2012, Sinfully Sweet (11)By person wrote:

    omg I just wrote a poem just like this. You should read it, maybe we could be friends. We must have a lot in common.

  • PoetessDarkly On Saturday, September 22, 2012, PoetessDarkly (1005)By person wrote:

    lovely verse, super imagery.

  • Alchemist On Saturday, September 22, 2012, Alchemist (860)By person wrote:

    Best haikus I've read in awhile.

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