By GhettoZombie

Fireworks are in my pocket, flammable and full of light.

See them flash in my eye socket, watch the embers take their flight.

Body submerged into fire, spirit soaring in the skies.

Crisis of heart is not dire, crisis of mind shortly dies.


Feel love rising and emerging, sunshine peaking through the clouds.

We will finish all our searching, our salvation has been found.

No more outlooks that are jaded, no more prejudice and hate.

Your facetious views have faded, guaranteed it's not too late.


No more salt inside these wounds now, they will heal and they will mend.

Bands will play eclectic tunes now, this world has an ear to lend.

Consciousness is most redeeming, no sense being comatose

Revolution is now beaming, to this I propose a toast.


Praise to every god and goddess, deity and prophet too

You'll be praised for being modest, we will all be kind to you

You will see many new faces, silently mouthing your names.

Tranquil nature covers bases, with belief and without blame.


Can you see a new world coming, all the gods merged into one?

Can you feel the movement drumming, as our world becomes more fun?

Spirits above, please tell me now, is this dream even legit?

Yes, my friend, you have shown us how, you are paint on our palette.

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Copyright 2012 GhettoZombie
Published on Tuesday, January 8, 2013.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Fireworks"

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  • Star On Tuesday, August 14, 2012, Star (1257)By person wrote:

    wow jack the rhyming in this was awesome, and the words in the poem was amazing, and i kinda saw fireworks when i read it, this is a great here (:

  • A former member wrote: This poem gave me the chills love it....You are very talented.

  • Invisible Girl On Wednesday, July 4, 2012, Invisible Girl (189)By person wrote:

    Love reading your words as always. We will finish all our searching. Our salvation has been found... intriguing..on my way to get some bottle rockets..

  • Ortolan On Wednesday, July 4, 2012, Ortolan (260)By person wrote:

    That is an example of an unconventionally perfect poem...there was alot of thought put into it, even if that is second nature to you, it is unconventional, and it pleases me.Excellence.

  • haunted On Wednesday, July 4, 2012, haunted (1201)By person wrote:

    nice jack i loved the ending with you being their palette. thats clever and a great way to end this poem! i thouroughly loved it, great job!

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