Lost Princess

By Melancholic VIncent

What tragic life was yours?
Which you lived alone in the moon
In the hidden side from the earth
Waiting to be released
Of the torment of this nightmare
That made you a secret

Who took the light hostage?
And hid itself in the coat of darkness
Leaving the horizons of your imagination
Who stole you from the dawn?
And confined you at nightfall
Laying you to bed and drowning you in your tears

What world did you left behind?
Where you scattered all your charm
Whispering beauty in the purple skies
Of a distant planet extinct in your gaze
Once you got stranded to its splendor
Now melting in fire and sulfur

Who flood your soul?
With echoes of the past
In a deafening silence
You sing alone in streets crowded with people
Crying melodies in the appearance of a smile
That fools only that reflex of yours

You go to sleep in lullabies
And ascend so high to white clouds
Where you dream with imaginary castles
And a fairy tale
You found haven in that reign of yours
Only who do you want to, enters its gardens

You run to this amazing place
That no one can take it away
You live of eternal promises
Enchanted by sincere words
You dance passionately and whirl weightless
With the perfume’s essence of that prince
That danced here with your silhouette
While you were away in your thoughts

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Copyright 2012 Melancholic VIncent
Published on Thursday, June 21, 2012.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Made this one for my girlfriend
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Comments on "Lost Princess"

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  • dark starlight On Wednesday, February 6, 2013, dark starlight (27)By person wrote:

    This is so beautiful. It's like your words melt together and pool into the bottom of my heart. What a wonderful girl she must be. I hope she makes you happy, and that you cherish her as long as you can. You never know when these things might come apart, and with it destroy the shining soul within your heart...

  • Melancholic VIncent On Thursday, February 7, 2013, Melancholic VIncent (534)By person wrote:

    Unfortunately that relationship has already ended, I ended it.... I thought about that for a long time if it was the best thing to do.... I still think it was... but I still love her and breaking up with her it was like cutting off a limb of myself... And the guilt, the guilt overwhelmes me.... Anyway, thank you for your kind words :) I really loved your comment :D

  • dwells On Thursday, June 21, 2012, dwells (5706)By person wrote:

    Beautiful tribute to the lithe and wistful spirit of an enchanting woman, hidden away in melancholy perhaps, cheers!

  • Melancholic VIncent On Friday, June 22, 2012, Melancholic VIncent (534)By person wrote:

    She is a enchanting and wonderful woman, been through a lot in her life

  • FadedBlues On Thursday, June 21, 2012, FadedBlues (2973)By person wrote:

    ...very nice love poem. pleasant fairy tale elements, & a prince dancing w/her silhouette...

  • Melancholic VIncent On Thursday, June 21, 2012, Melancholic VIncent (534)By person wrote:

    Thank you, that fairy tale element is me trying to give it some of my girlfriend's essence. She likes princess stuff

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