the battle of heaven and hell

By the broken


darkness is stirring at heavens gate

the evil beyond it just sits and waits

angels fear thier very fate

while an army of evil the devil creates

the gates now shaking

it about to begin

good vs evil

virtue vs sin

in every battle

only one side can win

the drums of war, now pounding

the horns of heaven, now sounding

the suspence, now growing

a deathknell, now flowing

balls of fire in the sky

get out of thier way

or you will die

smashing through the walls like clay

the demons run in

they want to play

arrows block out the sun

the demons hunger

to them this is but fun

when it is over

and the demons have won

they will feast on angels

till of hunger they have none

but if the angels

find a way

no evil will live

in the light of thier day

and the safety of mankind

wont need be in mind

for no threat will be there

for them to fall snare

and peace will be brought

to a world like hell

no not the place down below

but the world in which we dwell

o no, the battle

it's raging on

so listen to me close

while i sing this song

(singing portion)

one sword does slash

one mace does bash

one arrow does gash

one whip does lash 

one angel does fall

one demon does call

to his fallen leader named baal

angels only wish, they could save them all

but flames of battle

and feiry hearts

cannot be cease

untill one side is deceased

this battle may end

but this song will live on

in the eyes of angels and demons alike

forever scared with what went on this day

in thier mind the blood will be stained

wouldnt it have been better if both sides were tamed

cause in every socitey theres is good and theres evil

resistance of that law is so very feeble

(end song)

the armies lay dead

both sides have lost

winning this war

was it worth the cost.....

now god takes a stand

against satan

like a gladiators in the sand

they circle, weapons in hand

you hear two roars

and it all goes black.....

everything is gone

and it will never come back

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Copyright 2012 joshua lee mccourt
Published on Monday, May 21, 2012.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "the battle of heaven and hell"

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  • Inky Kat On Wednesday, August 8, 2012, Inky Kat (42)By person wrote:

    Great story telling. Good job

  • Devilish On Thursday, May 24, 2012, Devilish (3760)By person wrote:

    Damn.. This should be posted in front of every bell before hell.. know what they are up against. besides your talent . bring the heat.. fuck me.. Scholar

  • A former member wrote: so amazing......... Scholar

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