The Final Observer (with ColorMeToxic)

By lupus tenebrae


Not a blue moon’s chance
in hell beneath the skyline,
gamble your embers,

aces high and hot tonight,
burning white, uncertain stars,

we can only hope
they remain fixed in our sights
it's in death, stars fall.

faceted there like diamonds,
Twinkle, twinkle fading light.

Point of no return,
black hole's event horizon
always threatening,

a cosmic middle finger
void of any consciousness. 

Sapphire chalice,
be my voyager, and yes,
my lunarscape too,

sans the craters and regrets,
and yet, thrice the majesty

and thrice the wishes,
forever lost in spaces,
never to be known.

The universe feels it when
one of its stars dies alone.

Alone, sidling
through Neptune’s sleepy eyelids,
without a whimper

and Cygnus, none the wiser,
that her grace too, is dying.

Her only swan song
is a dissonant lament
secretly relayed,

in blips of a concerto,
a touch of the ambient.

Pained whispers, hard sighs,
what have you in store for us...
endless universe?

it's almost as if you know
what will become of us next.

Will your trumpets blare
at dawn of Revelation?
If so, sing sweetly,

your lullabies still matter,
and your children are restless.

You lie in wait for
the darkening of the earth,
sleep cycle reversed.

it's then, in all your splendor,
we marvel at your beauty.

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Copyright 2012 lupus tenebrae
Published on Sunday, March 25, 2012.     Filed under: "Spiritual" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

An example of renga, and collaboration with my good friend Beth. I must say, it worked the cobwebs loose.


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Comments on "The Final Observer (with ColorMeToxic)"

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  • TropicalSnowstorm On Friday, September 30, 2016, TropicalSnowstorm (1773)By person wrote:

    Intoxicating piece! I loved the imagery, and this was filled with great one liners, but the one that stood out for me was "The universe feels it when one of its stars dies alone." Great job both of you! Ciao, T/S Scholar

  • Ravenblade On Thursday, March 7, 2013, Ravenblade (323)By person wrote:

    What an amazing flow of definitely didn't leave the feel of a collaboration...very well done indeed.

  • Gray Vision On Sunday, March 25, 2012, Gray Vision (505)By person wrote:

    I find my mom from time to time, looking over my shoulder as I read these amazing works of art. After reading a piece, she often asks, "who wrote this, do you know this person?" and most the time, I take great privilege in assuring her that, yes I do know the author of a particular piece. This is wonderful you two, I enjoyed this read. Collaborations are truly, a measure of the collective creativity, both minds are able to conjur and to make it work like this is nothing short of amazing. Thank you both for sharing and write on =)

  • Devilish On Sunday, March 25, 2012, Devilish (3758)By person wrote:

    Holy Craaaaaap.. DAMN!! wow.. freaking AMAZING!! how did i miss this?. oh wow. bows to you both.. a hell of a pair!! I mean damn it ran insync.. perfect!! i gota read it Scholar

  • FallenAngel On Sunday, March 25, 2012, FallenAngel (6)By person wrote:

    Once i started reading it i couldn't stop reading it so captivating. Well done

  • A former member wrote: "aces high and hot tonight, burning white, uncertain stars" captivating and an attention grabbed. ][ ][

  • Vex the shadowbreaker On Sunday, March 25, 2012, Vex the shadowbreaker (65)By person wrote:

    My sanity was converted by the middle finger line

  • ColorMeToxic On Sunday, March 25, 2012, ColorMeToxic (285)By person wrote:

    I had so much fun writing this piece with you. Thank you. Scholar

  • haunted On Sunday, March 25, 2012, haunted (1189)By person wrote:

    wow, this is absolutely amazing! what an excellent collab. *hello toxic*! i read this and it rolled out like a discovery channel program. a very in depth look at the heavens and all the stars, and its just a beautifully fascinating picture i got. and the ending really wrapped up nicely! great write you two!!

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