Loved To Death

By DeathDarknessDespair

oh elder tree's, you voices are heard against the winds

Speaking to me, the rush of silent dreams

Lead me with your brush of gentle leaves

Guide me to a place of shining beams

reflecting against the river's bend

under the waterfalls of love and death

Into the depth's of graven pose

I am among them all alone

Where their tomb's are broken stones

Where they laid thier shattered bones

Ohh it's they laid to rest

Ohh it's peaceful...ohh they are blessed

Ohh it's might as well have guessed

Here I am waiting....

There I am knowing....

that I am loved to death...


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Copyright 2011 DeathDarknessDespair
Published on Wednesday, December 28, 2011.     Filed under: "Reflective" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

You showed me this special place, and now your gone but i know...i know you'll be returning home...I will be waiting for you.
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Comments on "Loved To Death"

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  • BeautifulCorruption On Thursday, January 3, 2013, BeautifulCorruption (64)By person wrote:

    Very beautiful. The imagery is excellent.

  • Squishy On Tuesday, December 11, 2012, Squishy (41)By person wrote:

    wow this is really beautiful

  • angel of the darkness On Sunday, January 29, 2012, angel of the darkness (24)By person wrote:

    a truly beautiful piece. this speaks to me in a way that cannot be expressed. makes me think of the night sky.

  • rosemaiden On Friday, January 13, 2012, rosemaiden (237)By person wrote:

    this was really pretty :)

  • Nefarious_Misery On Monday, January 2, 2012, Nefarious_Misery (36)By person wrote:

    perfectly woven words of darkness and death. Loved every word. Rated 10

  • Devilish On Thursday, December 29, 2011, Devilish (3782)By person wrote:

    Your beautiful...... Scholar

  • haunted On Wednesday, December 28, 2011, haunted (1201)By person wrote:

    oh god this is so beautiful. i loved this, absolutely in love with this. the picture you painted inspires me to do a drawing of this romantic, meloncholic place you describe. i so want to be here in this desolate fantastic place. lovely write DDD! thanks for the imagery. a perfect 10!

  • With love_Crow On Wednesday, December 28, 2011, With love_Crow (120)By person wrote:

    Very interesting write. The imagery was wonderful and the structure fit the writing well. Nicely done.

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